After pregnancy, think about the fetus, even if these fruits are more expensive, pregnant mothers must be willing to eat

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers pay particular attention to all aspects of their lives, especially their own diet.

It is said that pregnancy is "one person eats, two people make up", and this is not fake at all.Because of this, pregnant mothers are particularly careful about every bite of food they eat in their mouths. They are afraid that they will eat less food, their bodies lack nutrition, and they are afraid of eating that they should not eat.Essence

The pregnant mother Yun Yun and her husband worked hard in a big city. Their lives have always been very frugal. Even the fruits are willing to buy it while the supermarket is discounted.

They want to take root as soon as possible through their own efforts, and they can have a house that belongs to their own.

When the two worked hard for their future, the good news came.Yunyun was pregnant, and the news was a surprise to the little couple.

Although the two of them have no plan to give birth, the child is coming, it is fate.After Yunyun’s pregnancy, Yunyun’s husband worked hard to work overtime, hoping to save this little family more.

After 6 weeks of pregnancy, Yunyun’s mouth has been suffering, and there is no taste to eat.

As the pregnancy week increased, Yunyun even started what to eat and vomiting, and the arrival of the pregnancy made her lose a lot.

Seeing his wife so hard, Yunyun’s husband bought a large bag of fresh fruits when he went home from get off work, but these fruits were "boutique fruits" that they were not willing to buy.

Seeing that her husband mentioned a large bag of fruit to go home, Yunyun was distressed and moved. What was distressed was that the fruits purchased by her husband were a bit expensive, and an apple was a few dollars.What was moved was that I didn’t see the wrong person.

They all said that "when they are in trouble," when Yunyun vomited "dead and live," these fruits brought her great comfort.

Fruit can be said to be a very important part of pregnant mothers’ diet. Various nutrients in fruits play a very important role in the development of the fetus.

In real life, there are many ordinary women like Yunyun, in order to save money, even if they are not willing to eat fruits during pregnancy.

F finalism has always been the virtue of the Chinese nation, but after pregnancy, women still have to treat themselves better and don’t buy money to buy fruit.Especially these kinds of fruits, even if the price is expensive, pregnant mothers should eat more, which will have great benefits to the fetus.


There is a saying about Apple. I believe that everyone must be familiar with. "One apple a day, doctors stay away from me." Apple’s nutritional value is very high and is a fruit suitable for pregnant mothers.

After pregnancy, constipation is a common problem that most pregnant mothers will encounter.The reason why pregnant women are prone to constipation, and the increase in the squeezing of the intestinal tract with the enlarged pregnant belly.

Apple can be said to be "constipation savior" because this fruit is rich in dietary fiber that can promote intestinal peristalsis.If pregnant mothers have the trouble of constipation, remember to eat more apples.

In addition to dietary fiber, apples contain various vitamins, trace elements, and minerals, which can help the fetus grow.Not only that, apple’s sweet and sour taste can also alleviate the discomfort caused by pregnant mothers.


Cherry can be said to be the "top fruits" in the hearts of many pregnant mothers. It has a sweet and sour taste and water -rich.Its is exquisite and high -value, so people want to bite when they see it.

The price of "top flowing fruits" is also very "top -flow", especially the "cherry" with foreign ancestry. The price of dozens of yuan per catty has persuaded a lot of pregnant mothers.

In fact, the cherry is also a cherry. Compared with ordinary cherries, the taste of cherry is richer and rich, and the price is higher.

In addition to being rich in various vitamins, this advantage of cherry -rich iron has attracted a lot of pregnant mothers.Compared to traditional iron supplementation such as pork liver, I believe that more pregnant mothers like to eat cherry to supplement iron.

Although the fruits of cherries are all good and suitable for pregnant mothers, don’t be greedy, eat too much at one time.Eating too much cherry at one time may cause symptoms such as diarrhea.


If the pregnant mothers happen to meet the mature season of grapefruit in the early stages of pregnancy, it can be said that it is very lucky.In addition to apples and cherries, grapefruit is also one of the "golden fruits" during pregnancy.

In the early pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are troubled by pregnancy. They have no taste in their mouths every day and their appetite is not good.At this time, if you can eat a piece of sweet and sour grapefruit flesh, the discomfort of pregnant mothers will be relieved at once.

In addition to being rich in vitamins and good taste, grapefruit also has a particularly exaggerated advantage, with high folic acid content.

Vitamins such as folic acid are very important for pregnant mothers. Doctors recommend that from three months before pregnancy, women must supplement folic acid until three months after pregnancy.Folic acid plays an important role in preventing fetal nerve tube deformities.

Although pregnant mothers can take folic acid directly to supplement folic acid, for pregnant mothers who vomit "darkness" in the early pregnancy, don’t mention the medicine, even the food that you usually love may be difficult to swallow.

At this time, if pregnant mothers can eat some grapefruit daily, they can also play a role in supplement folic acid.However, it should be noted that the effect of food supplement is limited after all. Pregnant mothers can still take folic acid tablets every day at the same time.

During the period of "living" in the mother’s womb, the only source of nutrition was the mother.Therefore, even if the pregnant mothers have a bad appetite, try to eat some foods as much as possible, and don’t be hungry.

In addition to three meals a day of balanced nutrition, it is very recommended that pregnant mothers eat more fruit. The above -mentioned fruits are very suitable for pregnant mothers.

Do not be "dismissed" by the price of these fruits. As long as the fetus is good, the pregnant mothers will not be willing to buy it.

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