After pregnancy, these problems must be understood!

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As a new mother, we will always worry about various things in pregnancy.Sometimes, even if we just touch it, we will worry about whether it hurts the baby.Many questions, we don’t know how to deal with it, mainly because we don’t know what the situation is!

Regarding pregnancy and clearing the common problems during pregnancy, we can spend the time of pregnancy more securely.During pregnancy, we must figure out things.Otherwise, it is uncomfortable.

Have you figured out these questions?

I don’t know if I am pregnant, I drank some wine

Alcohol can affect the embryo, which has become a consensus for our.When I didn’t know that I was pregnant, I drank some wine and knew that the whole person was going crazy afterwards!In fact, this situation has basically no harm to the fetus.Because the fertilized eggs are injured by alcohol, they will basically not survive and will abortion naturally.Therefore, there is basically no need to worry about this situation.

For the health of the baby, from the beginning of pregnancy, two people should not smoke or drink.

Whether it will hurt the baby will hurt the baby

During pregnancy, pregnancy is normal.We will not care at all.But if pregnant women are serious, we will worry about whether they will hurt the baby.

In the case of extremely serious pregnancy, the body may have malnutrition.Only in this case is what we should worry about. Normal pregnancy is not harmful to the body.In the case of especially severe pregnancy, we need to see a doctor.

Where did my organs go?

As the fetus continues to grow, the stomach has continued to grow. Many people are curious about where their organs are running?This is indeed a problem.Like the intestine, the position will be moved slightly; although the position of the stomach is not moved, the volume becomes smaller.After pregnancy, the organs in our body will automatically adjust.Therefore, don’t worry about that our organs have no place to go.

Why is the belly hard

Entering the third trimester, rhythmic contractions will occur in the uterus.When the uterine contraction occurs, the abdomen will harden, and the body will have a sense of stretching.The feeling of stiff stomach in the third trimester and the feeling of mild pain. It is a normal physiological phenomenon. It is a preview of childbirth and does not need to worry.

During pregnancy, we may encounter various problems that do not understand.We are likely to encounter these problems above.Knowing what is going on, we can easily pass the pregnancy!

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