After pregnancy, there are 4 quasi -dads who cannot be absent and witnessed the extraordinary time.

In the consciousness of many people, the most close relationship for pregnancy is the expectant mother herself. Others cannot replace her to bred life, cannot replace her for inspection, and can not replace her production.

Although this is the fact, the feeling of people around the important moment is still what Baoma is most desire, especially the inspection.

From pregnancy to the birth of children, you need to go through many small and small inspections.Maybe the husband rarely has the opportunity to accompany him. The family also thinks that who is accompanied by the same, but for Baoma, Bao Da is the one he is most eager to accompany.

Xiao Li and his wife have been married for more than 2 years, and finally got good news of his wife’s pregnancy this year.Because the wife’s condition was not stable, he was at home from one month of pregnancy at home.

In order to ensure the family’s economic income, Xiao Li needs to pay more energy than before. Although he has successfully promoted and salary, he has become less time with his wife.

As soon as the wife was checked for 24 weeks, this was a four -dimensional examination. The B -ultrasound examination was year -on -year. You can see a more three -dimensional and more vivid fetal treasure.It happened that Xiao Li had just returned from a business trip. For a long time, he could accompany his wife for a checkup.

In the past, the mother -in -law was accompanied by her wife, and finally Xiao Li could have the opportunity to accompany his wife to perform a birth check before the baby was born.

During the inspection process, the doctor asked Xiao Li a few words: the early Tang or the Tang Dynasty?How many weeks to do the B -ultrasound last time?Even Xiao Li went to get the results of the inspection, Xiao Li could not find a place.

The doctor couldn’t help asking, "Let’s go with a pregnant woman for the first time." Xiao Li was said to be said to be embarrassed and regretted. It turned out that he had missed so many important moments.

From determining pregnancy to production, there are almost 12 examinations. With the different stage of the fetus, the focus and direction of each examination are different.Some precious moments may have only one chance to experience it. If you miss it, you really miss it.

The first test of pregnancy is very meaningful: Most pregnant mothers are tested by their home test strips, but they are afraid that most of them will go to the hospital to finally confirm the blood test.

This time, it is best to have Bao Dad with him, because this is the first time as a prospective parent to see B -ultrasound and the first time to determine his identity of his expectant parents.This excitement and happy mood cannot be appreciated by others.

The first time I heard the child’s heartbeat was also an unforgettable examination. During the 7-8 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus developed fetal heart buds. When doing B-ultrasound, you can clearly hear the child’s powerful and rhythmic heartbeat sound.Essence

It is also this real heartbeat that once again confirmed the growth of a small life.Many pregnant mothers shed tears excitedly when they heard the sound of heartbeat for the first time, which is the baby’s performance.

This examination of the baby’s most vital inspection — Middle Tang Dynasty, this examination will be done at 16-18 weeks, mainly to check whether the fetal development is healthy.

If you find that there are problems with development, it is basically congenital, it is difficult to have a chance to cure, and you may even end your pregnancy.In such a critical examination, if a husband is with her, Baoma’s emotions and pressure will be much smaller.

Seeing the baby’s look of a check, that is, 24 weeks of abnormality.In order to ensure that the observation is more clear, the four -dimensional inspection is generally more three -dimensional than the ordinary three -dimensional three -dimensional.

When you see your baby, you will be clearer, and you can clearly see the child’s activity in the mother’s belly.Many mother -in -law said that the four -dimensional checked baby’s appearance is basically in line with the appearance of birth.

In other words, I saw the child’s birth in advance in the middle of pregnancy. Although the boy and girl were not seen, the appearance can be seen. Such an important moment is naturally shared by Baoma and Bao Dad.

Speaking of Bao Bao’s dad to accompany the birth check, some Baoma also complained that "let them go to accompany the birth checkup. In addition to smoking in the hospital, they are playing mobile phones on the chair in the corridor, and sometimes they can’t find people."

After seeing this situation in the hospital, although many husbands are here, the "heart" is not there.Now that you have accompanied his wife out of the birth checkup, put the phone first.

Especially with the growth of the pregnancy cycle of pregnant mothers, the husband and husband are completed when they are queuing, registered, and resulting in the hospital’s check -up, and the results of them need to be completed. After all, the pregnant mother needs to rest after pregnancy.

There are inevitable emergencies in the process of delivery, such as more people in line, pregnant mothers may faint because of hypoglycemia or hypotension, accidentally colliding with others, and so on.

Some family members can effectively avoid accidents on the one hand. On the other hand, even if accidents occur, some people around them can help the fastest time.

Each examination is a test for pregnant mothers, and they will pray that today’s examinations are smooth on the way to the way.Coupled with changes in hormone levels after pregnancy, it is easy to be nervous and anxious in emotion.

Especially when the results of the inspection are not satisfactory, Baoma’s emotions are more likely to collapse.As a family member to accompany the production inspection, it also provides Bao Ma with a strong spiritual pillar. Even if something happens, there is a person who can discuss it.

[Topic today] How many times did you accompany your wife during the birth checkup?

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