After pregnancy, the wife resolutely divorced. After understanding the reason, her husband sent her male girlfriend to prison

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Song Wei is the technical director of a large listed company. He is very rigorous in his work and strict requirements on his and his team. The company also trusts him. Many projects will be strictly demonstrated and then make plans. Once the plan is planned.OK, they will also take it seriously, even if a screw is changed, he will not work, so he has a "black -faced Bao Gong" in the company.

Because of this, he has no friends, and he does not interact with his colleagues. He goes to work and off work every day.It is not that he is arrogant, but that his work should not be sloppy, otherwise there may be a major event of life.If he goes too close to others, will some of the ulterior motives use these people to make articles, he doesn’t know.Therefore, he would rather be lonely.Every day, except for work and off work, you don’t go to run at other times, just read books at home.

For his habits, his wife Huilian has long been used to it. In fact, this is good, at least there is a healthy body.His wife and him are alumni, two lower than him, and there is no intersection when he was in school, but they have a common teacher. The teacher is usually very good for Song Wei, so even if he graduates, he will occasionally visit the teacher.When I visited the teacher, I met Huilian.At that time, the teacher knew that they were single, so they matched them together.Unexpectedly, the girl was not twisted at all, but she accepted it.

After two years of getting along, they got married when the water came.The life after marriage is healthy and regular, but it is a bit monotonous. Song Wei has no friends or entertainment. He arranges the family every day to arrange proper posts. He is a young engineer at home.There are many times that Huilian entered the kitchen for many years.Even after Song Wei was promoted to the technical director, it was still the case.

Huilian also had troubles, that is, Song Wei had no friends, and he almost didn’t go out at night, so he had to accompany him at home. Occasionally, he had to say to him in advance with his friends. Sometimes he came back late, and he handed slippers again.And sober soup again. Although he never blame half of the sentence, it also made Huilian embarrassed.

It was just that Huilian was a little troubled recently, that is, many colleagues are asking for a second child. She also wanted one and told Song Wei that he was not willing.The reason to give is that when Huai Dabao, Huilian suffered a lot, especially when there was a child, the fetal position was not good. After a whole day, she had to be changed to a caesarean section.Song Wei was beside Hui Lian all the way. Seeing that his wife almost entered the Ghost Gate, his heart was very uncomfortable.Therefore, he didn’t want Huilian to suffer again.Besides, Huilian is already 36, which is an elderly mother.

Huilian didn’t think so. She felt that a child in the family was a bit deserted, and then Song Wei took care of herself well in recent years. Her body was fine. At the age of 36, it was not too big.Also, I have already had the experience of production, and I wo n’t be so unlucky every time.For this matter, the two of them did not quarrel, saying that they were quarreling. In fact, it was Huilian’s fighting alone. Song Wei always said nothing.In the end, Huilian couldn’t help it. Song Wei had to agree with her request and actively cooperated. Huilian was happy to prepare for the work.

Song Wei did a rigorous thing. Since he promised to have a second child, in order to take care of it, he made adjustments to the life and rest. What should be rest before 9:30, what to get up at 5:30, and so on.Huilian was the first two, and when she went to bed early and got up so early, she couldn’t let people live, so she made a small temper again.

On this day, Huilian was video with a sister in a foreign country. Song Wei asked her to rest and called it three times in a row.Huilian felt that Song Wei was annoying, so he shouted again.Grab your own bag, change your shoes and go out.I didn’t come back all night. In the morning, Huilian returned. I saw Song Wei falling asleep on the sofa, so I went to the bathroom to take a shower.Just that day, Huilian seemed to have a heart, and she was no longer active, and sometimes dazed.Song Wei thought she was sick, but she said that she was fine.There is just a large project in hand. When it comes to the critical time, Song Wei didn’t care much about Huilian.

Just as the project was set to the supplier, Huilian suddenly proposed a divorce.Song Weisi was puzzled. He didn’t do anything wrong. Even if he was busy this time, he also went home on time, not different from before.Under Song Wei’s forced question, Huilian said a word that made Song Wei even more incomprehensible. Huilian said that she was pregnant.Isn’t that a good thing? Didn’t she always want a second child, how can she divorce when she is pregnant?

Song Wei certainly disagreed, Huilian ran away from home.This annoyed Song Wei. He decided to check the reason. He found his best friend and a lawyer of a law firm to help him help himself, but he had to keep secret.A friend agreed without saying a word, and said that he would investigate as a private person, and no information would enter the company’s file, so that no second person would know.

Two weeks later, the friend brought him the results of the investigation.It turned out that when she quarreled with Huilian before, Huilian went out alone. She contacted her male girlfriend Li Xu, and Li Xu was Huilian’s small hair.In their own words, we grew up together to wear the crotch pants. Primary schools, junior high schools, and high school were all in a school. During the university, Li Xu went to school.Although he went to the country, he would come back everywhere to see Huilian.At that time, the family thought they would become a pair of children, but Huilian said that she just regarded Li Xu as a friend and a girlfriend, and never regarded him as a man.Therefore, Li Xu was lost for a while.

Until after getting married, Huilian has always had a relationship with Li Xu and would eat and drink together. However, due to Song Wei’s living habits, every time Huilian went out, she would go home on time.The exclusion is kept in touch.

This time, Li Xu and their company happened to participate in Song Wei’s project, but because the technical parameters of their company’s products were not in line, they were pointed out in the first round of design discussions.I do n’t know what means for their company to use, and actually let the purchasing director communicate with Song Wei in person, hoping that Song Wei can adjust the design parameters and let Li Xu enter the next round of bids.After repeated calculations, Song Wei and his team felt that the parameters could not be modified, otherwise the consequences were unimaginable.Therefore, the request of the procurement director rejected, and the purchasing director knew that it would not work hard. After all, when the bidding, Song Wei was also a member of the expert group.

Later, Li Xu found Huilian and wanted to open the breakthrough from her.I did n’t know that Huilian knew Song Wei’s character. She did n’t ask Song Wei’s work for so many years. Then what she liked was Song Wei ’s rigorous and serious energy, so she refused.I do n’t know that Li Xu did n’t give up. When Huilian and Song Wei quarreled out that day, they went to drink with Huilian.Soon Huilian was drunk. When she woke up, Huilian was lying in Li Xu’s arms, and both of them didn’t wear clothes.Ren fool knows what happened.

Hui Lian hit Li Xu angrily. Li Xu walked away silently. Huilian returned home with a sorrowful mood, and sent Song Wei asleep on the sofa, so he rushed himself in the bathroom.She regretted that she drank so much wine, regretted going out with Li Xu alone, and regretted that she had done something to be sorry for her husband. She rubbed her body vigorously, and she felt dirty.

What she didn’t expect was that Li Xu had more disgusting things. It turned out that in order to achieve the goal, he secretly took the intimate photos between them. Li Xu said that if he did not promise Song Wei to change the parameters, he would put theseThe photos are public to the public, so that Song Wei’s reputation sweeps the ground, and it cannot be mixed in the company.And he also used photos to threaten Huilian, so that she would follow the call.

Huilian was very scared, and no one dared to say.Until she was pregnant, because she knew that the child was not her husband, but Li Xu. She had no way to go, so she had to divorce Song Wei.Only when he divorced, Li Xu’s photos could not threaten Song Wei, so Song Wei would not embarrass.

Song Wei was extremely angry after hearing it. He decided not to let Li Xu go, and he must pay him to pay.Song Wei found Huilian and told her that she knew everything, hoping that she could be stronger, and two people spent difficulties together.Huilian nodded with tears.Under Huilian’s testimony, Li Xu was arrested soon and finally sentenced to sentence.The company also dug out some internal ghosts through this line.The leader attached more attention to Song Wei and was ready to promote him again, but he was rejected and he also resigned.

Song Wei, who resigned, returned to his hometown with Huilian and his children, found a more relaxed job, raised flowers and fishing every day, and lived a retired life in advance.As for the second child, neither of them mentioned.Because after they returned, they kept sleeping in room.

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