After pregnancy, the three physiological needs of women should not be shy, especially the last one

In October, pregnant is a very boring, boring, and even difficult ten months for women. Some women have to start resigning or maternal leave at home after pregnancy because of their physical response.Common physiological needs also decide to have various problems during pregnancy.

After women’s pregnancy, three physiological needs are very common, but many people are shy and do not say these things, causing many people to be unclear, but maybe they have.

The first physiological needs are: frequent urination

The second physiological needs are: constipation

The third physiological needs are also the most shy is: how to solve physiological problems and whether it can be in the same room after pregnancy

What kind of embarrassment will there be these three physiological needs?

Unsurable urine frequency:

Shopping with friends with friends in the previous stage, my friends expressed their rejection. Several other unmarried and unborn expressions knew that she was a 7 -month pregnant woman, but it was good to visit properly, but only I knew why, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help friends, I help my friends.After explaining, at this time, I didn’t dare to go out, but it would be embarrassing when I went out, and I would find the toilet everywhere.

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, this situation will become more and more obvious because the uterus compresses the bladder.

If urination is not good, it is not only poor for the bladder, but also easily leads to urinary tract infection, affects the baby, and the urine is normal. You need to change your underwear to keep the underwear clean and clean.

Constipation is commonplace:

Some women even declare that they do not want to eat, drink water and be vegetarian during pregnancy. They do not want to eat meat, but are injured by constipation. In fact, this is also normal, don’t worry.

After the pregnancy of women’s pregnancy increase, and the baby is gradually becoming increasingly squeezing the gastrointestinal, the gastrointestinal motility is slow, and it is also easy to cause constipation.

There is no way for constipation?of course not!

Exercise appropriately, pregnant women go out every day, exercise, and promote gastrointestinal motility.

Develop the habit of going to the toilet: Get up in the morning, embrace the sun, full of positive energy, and develop the habit of going to the toilet. There is no need to squat to the toilet. At this timeNaturally, there is a physical response.

Drink plenty of water and eat more high -fiber food: Drinking plenty of water can help alleviate constipation, detoxify beauty, and water effects. High -fiber food not only supplies the body’s need, but also promote gastrointestinal motility and help relieve constipation.

Pregnant women will become careful after pregnancy, especially when they are very worried about the problem of the same house with her husband, and the impact of pregnancy, women will be reduced in the desire of the same party.

However, there is a normal demand during pregnancy, and it cannot be avoided, so in fact, the pregnancy can be used normally during pregnancy. Don’t be shy. As long as you find a suitable position, when you feel abdominal pain, or even bleeding, you should stop immediately.Don’t take risks.

Before the house, both the husband and wife must do a good job of cleaning and hygiene. Based on the health of Baoma’s physical health, in short, everything is discomfort and should stop.Further reading: How to solve the physiological needs of husbands

For pregnancy, women are in a period of instability in the first three months. At this time, it is best not to do the room when they are about to have children. In the first three months, it is unstable.Causes miscarriage.

It’s easy to produce, it is easy to produce premature birth.

However, in addition to these months, there are no problems to meet the normal physiological needs of her husband at other times.

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