After pregnancy, the stomach has been uncomfortable. If you want to eat, you can’t eat it.

Guide: After pregnancy, the stomach has been uncomfortable. What should I do?

Recently, I complained to me that there are so many pregnant mothers who have uncomfortable stomachs after pregnancy. See if they feel the same?

Pregnant mother 1: Since I am pregnant, my stomach has been uncomfortable, I dare not be full, and I am always hungry!

Pregnant mother 2: After pregnancy, I feel that eating is a very painful thing. I want to eat and not be hungry!

Pregnant mother 3: After I ate meals, I was burning in the stomach. I was lying down, not standing, and uncomfortable. It was only four months. It was a sin!

Pregnant mother 4: Eat too much, swell, eat less, always hungry!

Pregnant mother 5: Say it horrible, my child is 6 years old, and this is still the case.I have always suspected that when my child was in my stomach, my stomach was broken!

Pregnant mother 6: I feel that eating in my whole pregnancy is the most painful thing, I don’t want to eat at all!

Pregnant mother 7: I am also uncomfortable in my stomach, uncomfortable, and uncomfortable, I do n’t want to eat anything, but I do n’t want to vomit anything. I feel so okay. It ’s better than those who eat it.

Pregnant mother 8: I don’t have stomach acid, bloating and stomach.

Pregnant mother 9: There is no taste to eat anything. The stomach is like a fire, super uncomfortable!

Pregnant mother 10: I am still like this for five months, sometimes I feel greasy!

Pregnant mother 11: Before sleeping, do n’t have pillows. Now the pillow cushion is getting higher and higher, otherwise it ’s uncomfortable; I used to have three meals before, and now it is five to six meals.

Pregnant mother for more than 4 months, burning fire every night.

Pregnant mother 13: two months, this is the case from the sixth week.

Pregnant mother 14: I thought it was a former old problem.

After pregnancy, the stomach will become uncomfortable. I also experienced it. At first I thought it was gastritis, and I went to the gastroscopy. Without inflammation, I was tossed out of inflammation.The doctor actually prescribed me with stomach medicine. Fortunately, I told the doctor that I was about to get pregnant, and she prescribed me for biological drugs and had no harm to my body.

Later, I was pregnant with a test strip. I quickly went to consult a gynecologist. The doctor taught me 4 "magic weapons", and the stomach gradually became comfortable.

1. Periodical problem

After pregnancy, progesterone will secrete the body, progesterone will release the smooth muscles of the digestive tract, gastrointestinal peristalsis becomes slow, and food is not easy to digest in time. It will accumulate in the esophagus and stomach.It feels uncomfortable.

2. Vulcanic hormone problem

After pregnancy, the level of puffed hormones increases, the secretion of gastric acid decreases, and the activity of digestive enzymes is greatly reduced, which will affect the gastrointestinal digestive function of pregnant mothers and cause loss of appetite.

3. The stomach is squeezed

In the third trimester, as the fetus increases, the uterus increases, which will squeeze the mothers’ gastrointestinal movement and reduce the stomach to reduce and deform.

1. A small amount of meals

Usually eat a small amount during dinner, and the amount of meals per meal decreases accordingly, and it is changed to 4 or 5 meals a day.Chew slowly during meals to reduce stomach pressure.Do not eat too late for dinner to prevent it from digestion when you are resting.It is best to sleep 2 hours after meals. At this time, the food digestion is a large part, and the gastrointestinal burden will be reduced.

2. The diet is light

The diet must be light, do not eat too greasy, spicy food, so that it is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of the stomach.Usually eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, increase the supply of dietary fiber, promote the speed of intestinal motility, and help digest food.

3. Persist in exercise

Adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise every day to increase physical strength and speed up intestinal peristalsis.At the same time, breathing fresh air can inhale more oxygen and relieve the weakness of the body.

4. Pay attention to sleeping position

When you sleep, you can raise your upper body to keep the stomach acid in the stomach and promote digestion.To prevent the food of the stomach from reflecting the breath upward, it also can alleviate the stomach discomfort.

In short, stomach discomfort after pregnancy is a common phenomenon. The 4 methods mentioned above can be used to relieve stomach discomfort, absorb more nutritious foods, and give birth to a healthy baby.

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