After pregnancy, the skin of pregnant mothers has deteriorated. How should I adjust?You must know these 5 o’clock ~

Pregnancy is an important stage in every woman’s life, but with the changes of hormones and physical changes, many expectant mothers will find that their skin becomes bad.Facing various discomfort and changes during pregnancy, expectant mothers should also give their special attention and care for their skin.This article will introduce some methods for adjusting and improving the skin problems of pregnant women, so that you can still have beautiful skin during pregnancy.

1. Prevention and processing stretch marks

Stretch marks are one of the most common skin problems during pregnancy.

In order to prevent and reduce stretch marks, pregnant mothers can regularly apply anti -stretch marks containing vitamin E and collagen.In addition, proper massage can promote the production of blood circulation and collagen, and prevent the generation of stretch marks.If stretch marks have appeared, you can try to use cream containing glycerin or rose oil to reduce the degree of appearance.

2. Keep hydrostatic and moisturizing

During pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones, many expectant mothers will find that their skin becomes dry and rough.Therefore, it is important to ensure the moisturizing and moisturizing of the skin.

Use a mild cleansing product to clean the face every morning and evening, and then use moisturizing cream containing natural ingredients, such as aloe, honey or olive oil to keep the skin moist and smooth.In addition, drinking enough water every day is also the key to maintaining skin water balance.

3. Diet conditioning

Diet plays an important role in skin health and gloss.

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to intake foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and collagen to promote skin health and elasticity.For example, eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, fish and nuts, etc. These foods are rich in nutrients that are good for skin health.In addition, reducing unhealthy foods such as caffeine and sugar -containing beverages also helps improve skin condition.

4. Avoid exposure and sun protection measures

The skin during pregnancy is more vulnerable to sunlight. Therefore, pregnant mothers should avoid exposure and minimize outdoor activities as much as possible.If you have to go out, you should choose the right sunscreen and apply it regularly.

5. Establish a healthy lifestyle

In addition to external care, a good lifestyle also plays an important role in skin health.Maintain enough sleep and adequate rest can help the skin’s regeneration and repair.In addition, reducing stress and anxiety, maintaining a positive attitude, and improving the skin condition.

To sum up, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should give special attention and care for the skin.By preventing and dealing with stretch marks, maintaining skin hydration and moisturizing, paying attention to diet conditioning, avoiding exposure and sun protection measures, and establishing a healthy lifestyle, expectant mothers can improve skin conditions and have healthy and beautiful skin.

Remember, the beautiful pregnancy starts from the skin, gives your skin more care, and enjoy this special time!

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