After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly will change these 5 points. The last expectant mother should pay more attention

The impact of pregnancy on a woman is very great, the whole person has changed a lot, and women’s skin is no exception.Especially during pregnancy, mothers’ skin will be very sensitive, so some problems have to be paid attention to.Then talk about what to do when you encounter this situation.

What should I do if a black line suddenly appears on my belly?

After pregnancy, a black line will appear in the middle of the mothers’ belly, and as time becomes thicker and clearer.What is the reason?It is the melanin accumulation caused by excessive secretion of pregnant women. Mothers with deeper complexion are more obvious, but they will slowly disappear after a few months after giving birth, which can completely disappear for many women.So this phenomenon does n’t have to worry too much about it, but as an interesting thing to treat him as an interesting thing. There is a saying that the black line on the belly will continue to the belly.Then you may have a baby baby.

What to do if stretch marks appear.

Most of the mothers of pregnant women who are relatively dark or inherited, especially the skin, will not have discoloration.But if you don’t like the spots on your face, try not to bask in the sun. The sun will make the skin’s spots more obvious, and apply sunscreen before going out. At the same time, you need to supplement folic acid. Lack of folic acid will cause pigmentation.If pregnant women who have already appeared in stretch marks do not need to take other ways, stretch marks will disappear by themselves in the few months after giving birth. If they do not disappear, they can go to the hospital to find a doctor for treatment. The premise of treatment is that you are not pregnant.

The body appears in the body.

Not only the baby likes Zhang Yizi, it is very common for mothers during pregnancy.Because pregnant mothers will rise during pregnancy, a lot of sweat will cause this phenomenon.In this case, the friction between the skin and the skin will easily grow up the dumplings, so the mothers of pregnant women should wear some loose clothes if they are pregnant in summer, and try not to make themselves hot.

Spots appear on the legs and green.

In winter, most mothers will have short spots on their legs or arms. This is caused by too much hormone secretion during pregnancy. Don’t worry too much. There is no harm to the body.Essence

Allergic rash.

In most cases, pregnant women are caused by some skin care products. If this product has this phenomenon to you, it will stop using it. If you change it on other, you can reduce this phenomenon. If it is serious, please consult a doctor immediately.Essence

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