After pregnancy, it is normal to have these changes in the white belt!

We have discussed a lot about changes brought about to female friends.In the final analysis, it is caused by the role of progesterone and estrogen in women.We know that pregnant mothers may have a similar discomfort before and after, and may suddenly feel tired and fatigue, and may also feel that their skin condition has changed suddenly … Today, I will share with you another change. Many people are in many people. Many people are inThe change of asking is that the change of leucorrhea.

Leucorrhea is a female vaginal secretion. It is mixed with vaginal mucosa exudation, cervical tube and endometrium glandular secretion fluid, forming a role related to estrogen.Before pregnancy, the leucorrhea changes felt by female friends were mainly affected by the menstrual cycle.The general law is this:

After menstruation is clean, the leucorrhea is small, white, and paste;

When ovulation is about to ovulate in the middle of menstruation, the cervical glandular secretion is strong, leucorrhea increases, transparent, slightly sticky, and egg whites;

After 2 to 3 days of ovulation, the leucorrhea becomes turbid, thick and sticky;

Before and after menstruation, pelvic congestion, increased vaginal mucosa exudate, and increased leucorrhea.

But if you have seen the captain on the pregnancy test, you are about to usher in the pregnancy of 10 months without a period of pregnancy. What kind of changes will happen to the leucorrhea?

After pregnancy, the biggest change in leucorrhea is the increase in quantity.This is because the pregnant woman after pregnancy due to the dual influence of estrogen and progesterone, as well as the oppression of the fetal growth of the fetus, causing vascular dilation and tissue congestion. In addition, the increase in hormones in pregnant women to proliferate the cervical glands.Lands also increased with the hyperplasia of the cervical glands.So once you are pregnant, most expectant mothers will find that vaginal secretions increase significantly.However, in the early pregnancy, not the amount of leucorrhea of each expectant mother will increase, and some pregnant mothers will have few vaginal secretions.Wait until the third trimester, the secretion of the leucorrhea will increase sharply. The characteristics are gel -like, which will be discharged from the vagina in large quantities, and even some pregnant women will be mixed with a little blood in the leucorrhea.

If the pregnant mother only increases the amount of leucorrhea, there is no other symptoms such as itching or burning pain, just pay attention to personal hygiene cleaning.Conversely, if the leucorrhea odor is severe, itchy, or the pain is severe, then you must go to the hospital in time to confirm what kind of pathogen infection is, and then treat different treatment according to different pathogenic bacteria to avoid affecting the fetus.

Pay attention to hygiene. There must be dedicated cleaning pots and dedicated cleaning utensils and towels.Wash the utensils before use, drying or drying in the ventilated place after use. It is best to expose it under the sun, which is conducive to sterilization and disinfection.When cleaning, wash it with warm water. It is not advisable to use a lotion, because some washing fluids affect the pH value of the vagina, and some washing fluid contains some chemical components, which may cause skin allergies.

Pregnancy is a difficult journey, and you can take care of yourself in order to lay a good foundation for your baby in the future.May you work hard and have health and beauty from inside out!

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