After pregnancy, in addition to her stomach, Bao Ma’s places will also change. Do you know?

Mother of the leaves meets you again.What brings today is some changes that may happen during women’s pregnancy, but this change is also normal, and pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much.After pregnancy, in addition to her stomach, Bao Ma’s places will also change. Do you know?If you are interested, take a look with Xiaobian.

First, the limbs of pregnant mothers will change.

Due to changes in hormones and blood flow, many pregnant women’s hands and feet will pain, and even cramps.The lack of calcium and the gain of weight will cause swelling such as the feet of pregnant women.The mother of the leaves also suggested here that pregnant women should not stand as long as possible for a long time.You need to move more on the limbs so that you can better promote blood circulation and relieve the pain of leg cramps.Pregnant women should also add more calcium according to the doctor’s suggestion.And it is usually best to wear flat shoes suitable for pregnant women to make the leg pressure less.

2. The immunity of pregnant mothers will change.

Many people may not know that after women are pregnant, their own immune system will automatically optimize.As a result, the immunity of pregnant women will rise, and the antiviral ability is stronger than ordinary people.By transporting nutrients to children, immune cells in the blood decreased, but immunity increased.But here to remind the pregnant mother’s immunity may become stronger during pregnancy, and it does not mean that she will not get sick.What the pregnant mother should do is to rest more, pay attention to hygiene and other issues to prevent illness.

Third, the skin of pregnant mothers will change.

After some pregnant mothers are pregnant, the skin is particularly easy to get oil.There are too many oils on the face, which affects the breathing of the skin. Coupled with the secretion of hormones during pregnancy and the instability of sleep, it may cause the skin of the pregnant mother to become poor.However, some pregnant women have thinner skin, smoother and more flexible after pregnancy.These are related to their own physique.For pregnant mothers with poor skin condition, leaf mothers also recommend that pregnant mothers should drink plenty of water, and they can usually use mild skin care products.Usually, eat more fruits and vegetables, vitamin supplements, which helps maintain the skin condition during pregnancy.

4. The breasts of pregnant mothers will change

During pregnancy, some pregnant mothers were also very surprised to find that their chests were larger than before pregnancy.In fact, this is due to the secretion of estrogen and progesterone, which promotes the secondary development of the chest.Over time, the areola becomes deeper.When the pregnant mother enters the later stage, the chest will become fuller.In addition, the breasts of pregnant mothers may be painful from time to time, and some pregnant women can even touch the masses.But in fact, this is a normal image, and the symptoms will slowly disappear after giving birth.

After pregnancy, in addition to her stomach, Bao Ma’s places will also change. Do you know?It is generally recommended to wear some flat shoes suitable for pregnancy, and choose the right breastfeeding underwear. If you usually walk more, massage your legs and feet to prevent legs and feet.It is very hard during pregnancy, but for children, it is worth it

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