After pregnancy, I am always afraid of hotness. How should my mother -in -law dress in spring?Moderate "spring cover" is good

In the past two days, many places in the north have a strong wind.The temperature is not low during the day, but the wind is very large, and it is a bit cold in the morning and evening.In the season when the annual dresses are chaotic, you can see a down jacket on the street. At noon, you can also wear short sleeves.However, it is said that the temperature in March and April is not very stable, and it is necessary to appropriately increase or decrease clothing.

Many expectant mothers feel hot than usual after pregnancy.This is because after pregnancy, the metabolism in the body is strong, and the basal body temperature rises, and it will always feel very hot.However, even so, in the spring, especially in the north of the spring and evening, do not wear too little to avoid cold.

Dressing in spring should be appropriately increased or decreased according to temperature. Do not wear too much sweat, and do not wear too little to avoid cold.During this special period of pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to three key parts to keep warm.

❶ Neck neck.

After pregnancy, due to the impact of hormones, the expectant mothers’ nose and pharynx mucosa are congested, which is more likely to cause symptoms of respiratory discomfort.In spring, although sometimes the temperature is relatively high, the wind is a bit cold.If you wear too little and the collar is low, it is easy to make the throat cool and have uncomfortable symptoms.

Therefore, when choosing clothes, it is best to choose a collar to cover the neck.You can wear a bottoming shirt with a middle collar or a small high -necked collar, and then put on a coat outside.

❷ Abdomen.

When I go out, I see some expectant mothers because I feel hot, and I usually choose to wear a cardigan coat without a button or a zipper.However, if there is a wind, this will easily cool the abdomen.

During pregnancy, gastrointestinal function was weakened, and the belly was cold, which easily caused symptoms such as indigestion and flatulence.In addition, sometimes the abdomen of expectant mothers may also cause pseudo -contractions.

Therefore, when wearing a cardigan jacket, the expectant mothers try to protect the abdomen, or the clothes that are bottoming inside a little thick, pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen.

❸ legs and feet.

Young people are more popular with their feet, or wearing feet, but for expectant mothers, it is not recommended to wear it.Originally, leg cramps were prone to occur during pregnancy.

Moreover, the cold from the bottom of the feet is not a particularly high spring temperature, and the feet are cold, which can also cause abdominal discomfort.

Recently, some cold desserts such as ice cream have become more popular.Don’t eat these cold foods because of heat.Not only can it stimulate to the throat, it is also prone to gastrointestinal discomfort.Pay attention to replenishing water.It is best to choose dairy products, fruits, etc. snacks, which are rich in nutrition and can also replenish water.Don’t be greedy.Try not to eat foods such as ice cream, and drink boiled water as much as possible. Do not drink cold.Be cautious to eat wild vegetables.Many wild vegetables are listed in spring, but for pregnant belly, pay attention when eating, and ensure that it is not sensitive.In addition, pay attention to cooking methods, try not to eat cold and spicy.

The year’s plan lies in spring. In the bright spring, expectant mothers can also go out for a walk. Moderate exercise is good for their health and fetal development.

When walking out for a walk, you can wear a sun hat to pay attention to sun protection to avoid melanin precipitation during pregnancy.In addition, it is to pay attention to the allergies of pollen and catkins

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