After pregnancy, how do I have a fetus without meat?The 4 suggestions for the nutritionist gave the pregnant mother, which is very useful

Before pregnancy, my weight has been stabilized between 45-46kg. When I was pregnant, I was included in the BMI low population. The doctor said that it was thin and pay attention to nutritional supplements.

At that time, according to the doctor’s instructions, I wanted to eat more meat and drink more soup, and pull my weight to the average line.

As a result, he lost more than 20 pounds, but the baby’s weight was light, and he wanted to cry without tears.

For this reason, I went to see the nutritionists twice, obeyed the doctor’s suggestion, controlled their weight, and the baby grew very well. In the end, the baby gave birth to 6.3 pounds.

I do n’t know if you have such troubles when you are pregnant. Worried that you have been fat for more than ten or twenty pounds, but your baby is not seen, or the baby is growing, and you have a crazy weight gain.

After watching the two nutritional department, I learned a good method of "long fetus and not long meat" from a nutritionist. It was very useful. Today, I shared it with the need for pregnant mothers in need.

Some pregnant mothers do not have this consciousness, and their diet is also very casual. In fact, the weight management during pregnancy is necessary. This is why, the reason for measuring height and weight for each pregnancy test is the reason.

First, eating and drinking during pregnancy is easy to overweight, which is not conducive to delivery, and even endangers the life of expectant mothers; secondly, "huge child" (weighing more than 4kg) is not a good thing for the baby.It is easy to compress to the armband nerves, causing nerve paralysis.

Second, from pregnancy to production, during the whole process, if our weight is very large at the beginning, the management of the weight growth in the back is more difficult. We must ensure that the baby has enough nutrient absorption, which cannot reduce the amount of food, stretch marks, and stretch marks.It is easy to find the door, and postpartum weight loss is also a big problem.In addition, obesity also easily leads to gestational diabetes.

Third, in addition to looking at the weight of the pregnant mother, the weight management depends on the weight of the baby.If you are thin, you must pay attention to nutritional supplement, otherwise you are prone to malnutrition and affect your baby’s development; if you eat it on yourself, your baby does not grow, then you must adjust your diet.

The 4 suggestions given to me by a nutritionist. If you want to control your weight, and you want the baby to grow well and have sufficient nutrition, it is recommended to refer to it.Of course, if there is time, it is better to consult a nutrition department in person.

4 points are as follows:

First: eat high -protein food, pay attention to iron supplementation.

For example, fish, shrimp, lean meat, every meal is available.Breakfast can eat a steamed egg.I bought a steamer at home, and it was convenient to put it regularly.If you are as thin as me, the fetal treasure weighs slowly, you can also eat some protein powder to improve the protein supplement.

Second, drink less greasy soup.

Many pregnant mothers think that the soup is very nutritious. In fact, the soup is full of fat. Drinking it is not as nutritious as we imagine. The nutrition is the ribs and chicken in the soup. Therefore, try to pick the meat inside as much as possible.

Third, don’t forget to eat vegetables and fruits.

Balanced nutrition, eating meat alone, vegetables must be available for each meal. The nutrients in it cannot be replaced by meat; fruits should choose as low sugar as much as possible, such as virgin fruits, cucumbers, slow sugar, our weight, our weight is only only our weight.It is not easy to soar.

Fourth, grains of grains with grains.

Many pregnant mothers have the habit of drinking porridge for breakfast. Do not drink white porridge directly. White porridge has no nutrition and sugar, and it is easy to be full and hungry.

Did you remember the above points?

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