After one year of abortion, Ya egg successfully conceived a three -child male treasure.

Last night (November 28), the two who were transferred to the actor Xiaopeng (formerly known as Li Chuo) and the same sister Ya egg (formerly known as Lu Pin) successfully conceived the video clip of Erbao, which caused many netizens to heat.Discussion.It is reported that the 35 -year -old Ya egg had a son with his brother Wang Jinlong. After divorce, he married his brother Xiaopeng Fei. Now he will be a mother again.

Judging from the exposed video, Xiaopeng Fei, who is about to be a dad twice, is full of joy. He smiled happy and happy to say, "There is a particularly good thing today, just take a daughter -in -law to see it."It is difficult to hide excitement.In the phase, he did not show up for a long time. The signs of middle -aged blessings were obvious, his face was round, and his face was round. He also deliberately said that he was "going to see my baby", suggesting that the baby was a boy.

Immediately afterwards, Xiaopeng Fei turned around, and the pregnant wife’s egg appeared in the photo. I saw the couple sitting in the (sideline) driving seat in the vehicle.IntersectionThe egg wearing a black down jacket to cover the pregnant belly is lying on the seat with a mask, stroking his stomach with both hands, and looking at the lens, he is slightly anxious. After all, he is an older woman.

During this period, Xiaopeng Fei did not forget to play his humorous and funny personality, and ridiculed that the pregnant wife said, "Don’t look at the belly of Yayan’s current belly (not arbitrarily), and it will be revealed when it will be revealed!"Sure enough, when Ya egg arrives at the hospital by car, when he sees he takes off his coat and holds her husband’s arm for a pregnancy test project, the belly has raised high.Around the month!

After all the projects were completed and got the report form, Xiaopeng Fei held Ya egg’s hand and carefully helped him to go home to return home. It was believed that it was not far from the due date.According to data, the eggs born in Qitaihe, Heilongjiang in 1987. After being polysificent since childhood, Zhao Benshan made his debut and performed the two.

In the same year of the Spring Festival Gala (2009), the famous Ya eggs and his elder brother Wang Jinlong joined hands to enter the marriage hall under the laboratory of Master Zhao Benshan. The two held a grand wedding in Shenyang.After the marriage, Ya Dan’s briefly gave birth to a child Wang Jinlong in 2011; unfortunately, this marriage did not last long, and the two ended 8 years of marriage in 2017.

Regarding this imperfect marriage, Wang Jinlong said that "fate has been exhausted, and he breaks up peacefully."In March 2019, after the marriage, Ya eggs came together with his brother Xiaopeng. The man proposed to him romantically on the yacht. The woman moved tears and agreed. Both of them were the same door.

Due to the special period, although Ya egg has not yet held a wedding with the current Xiaopengfei, the two of them have not fallen in the "progressive progress".I wanted to give birth to a son for Xiaopeng to have a son, and worked hard to prepare for a third child. In mid -May last year (2021), it revealed the news that "pregnant baby but unfortunately abortion".In the case, the baby in the belly is gone. "After a lapse of more than a year, Ya egg succeeded in conceiving a three -child male treasure again, and it was imminent when it was facing the basin!(Picture source network, infringement must be deleted)

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