After my wife is pregnant, don’t do a few things to her, do you know?

The most exciting and tense thing in life is to know that he is going to be a father.In the past, I always felt that the clips in the TV were very interesting and exaggerated … After those actors listened to their dads, they laughed and danced, and put on a posture that I couldn’t wait to let the whole world know. Now I want to come too much.young.

I remember when I knew that I wanted to be my dad, my body was trembling, and I felt so sharp, I was excited, nervous, anticipated, and emotional …Essence

After a while, I felt that it would be normal to dance with my hands. If it wasn’t for the custom that we didn’t say 3 months, I suspected that I would put the words "I want to be a father" on my face, and insert it on my back and then insert it.A big flag, pulling a banner and running on the street for a few laps.

Of course, this is just a small episode, and some of the things to be said are the most important thing.After our wife is pregnant, as a partner, what should we pay special attention to?As a second -child father, there are a few points to share with you:

1. Don’t lose your temper to her.During her pregnancy, she is a big hero. Not only must I face adverse reactions during pregnancy, but also to be tortured by the internal organs, and she must also overcome psychological fear. ThereforePatiently, you must be tolerated when you lose your temper, because it is not a matter to suffer from suffering from the life process.She used to be your treasure, and now she should spoil her as a princess. Her unreasonable trouble, her waywardness, her shattered thoughts, her complaints, her various small requirements … Four words: try to satisfy!

2. Don’t let her be alone.The most needed when you are pregnant is to accompany, because the more it is more inconvenient to go out, most of the time in the room every day, you can’t go shopping with your girlfriends, you can’t eat delicious supper … The whole world seems to be left.After getting off her and her baby, if you can’t take the time to accompany him at this time, maybe she doesn’t even have a talk, but I can imagine how low his emotions will be.When my wife was in the first child, because of her work, she did not give enough companionship. For a long time, she was a little depressed. So far, I have always felt ashamed of her.Accompany her, chat with her, tease her, and accompany him to look forward to the beauty of the baby …

3. Do not let her big fish and meat.Some people say that if you are pregnant, you will not let more eat more delicious. You must know that deliciousness is not necessarily nutritious and not healthy.Light and nutritious foods are the first choice for pregnancy. For example, fish ravioli, stewed pork ribs, chicken, fresh vegetables and fruits are all possible, and you must pay attention to nutritional balance.

4. Don’t smoke in front of her.This is particularly important, not only about her health, but also seriously affects the children in the stomach.Some pregnant women are particularly allergic to the smell, and a little odor will cause physical discomfort or even vomiting. For the health of her and the child, the smoke quits. If she can’t help but run away, she has suffered enough.Can you endure your second -hand cigarette, don’t your heart hurt?

4. Do not have the same room with her.Especially in the first three months and the next three months of pregnancy, pregnant women are already sensitive during pregnancy. As a man, you must remember to control your lower body and do not stir up.It is better to be a "monk" in a few months.

Every pregnant mother deserves to be taken care of in their hands, because they are all suffering the most bitter sins and release the greatest glory. They are the most lovely people ~

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