After my brother -in -law was pregnant, the eccentric mother -in -law asked me to give me the master bedroom.

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Recently, her mother -in -law was called to live in the city by her brother -in -law.

Our family and uncle’s house only have ten minutes.As soon as her mother -in -law arrived, her husband Zhou Yun recorded her mother -in -law’s fingerprints in the fingerprint door, saying that it was so convenient for her mother -in -law to go the door.

On this day, as soon as her mother -in -law heard Zhou Yun going to travel for two days, she hurried over and said that she got on the car dumplings and got off the car. Let Zhou Yun eat a bit of dumplings before home.

Knowing that my mother -in -law was in my house, I rushed home at the fastest speed.When I opened the door, my mother -in -law had made the dumplings and waited for it.

When my mother -in -law saw me, her face was dissatisfied, and she accused me of being a daughter -in -law who would not even eat.After explaining that the dumplings were hot to Zhou Yun in the evening, they would leave with things.

Why is the bag in her hand so familiar, and why is it so like a pregnant woman’s milk powder I bought for my mother -in -law?

My eyes quickly stopped my mother -in -law: "Mom, this is …" This is … "

My mother -in -law raised my eyelids and looked at me, and continued to change my shoes: "I took it on the cabinet. I think it was a special milk powder for pregnant women, so I brought your brother’s daughter -in -law."

"Mom, how can you take my things casually? This is what I want to give away." I was a little unhappy, what would my mother -in -law want to get it, at least I want to tell me?

"Then you just buy it, who can you look at it? I can’t get something to see? I can’t get something at my son’s house?" The mother -in -law’s face was old.

I breathed a sigh of relief, and explained to her mother -in -law, what she wanted, but to say it.But her mother -in -law didn’t eat this set. She threw the gift bag to the ground and asked loudly, "What do you mean? Can I be a milk powder?"

Passing the neighbors glanced at us, which made me very embarrassing. "I don’t mean that, I don’t need pregnant women’s milk powder."

After listening to this, the corner of her mother -in -law started a smile: "Who said she didn’t need it, she was pregnant, but it was not three months later, it was not easy to say."

After that, her mother -in -law picked up the bag, like a victoring soldier, and left.


Mother -in -law always eccentrically bore her daughter -in -law Liu Lan, because Liu Lan’s mother and mother -in -law are girlfriends.In the final analysis, Liu Lan was looking up at her mother -in -law, and she said that she was similar to her daughter.

At first, her mother -in -law actually wanted to let Zhou Yun and Liu Lan’s object, and was rejected by Zhou Yun because Zhou Yun and I were in love at the time.

My mother -in -law’s unbelievable eldest son would violate his decision and even forced him.She took the kitchen knife around her neck, thinking that Zhou Yun would change his mind.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Yun also took the fruit knife around his neck, saying that if the mother -in -law did not agree, he would follow his mother -in -law.

Where is her mother -in -law who really wants to die? She just put a posture and scared Zhou Yun. I did not expect Zhou Yun’s will firmly than her, and she had to follow Zhou Yun’s intention.

My mother -in -law counted this account to me.She picked my thorns everywhere, and it was not pleasing to see me.

Later, the uncle Zhou Yu and Liu Lan looked right, and the mother -in -law put her mind on her younger son and daughter -in -law.

I thought Liu Lan became her mother -in -law, and she was also deliberate, and her prejudice should be disappeared.

But things are even worse.It is also a daughter -in -law, and the mother -in -law’s eyes are always only Liu Lan.

In my mother -in -law’s birthday, I bought a platinum necklace, and she ignored it at a glance.

And Liu Lan bought a silver bracelet, but her mother -in -law said that Liu Lan was filial piety and was attentive, saying that the bracelet made her skin whiter.

After a long time, I don’t want to do anything to please my mother -in -law.What she loves? Anyway, it is Zhou Yun who lives with me anyway.


The milk powder I bought for the second time is here, and I am going to pick up it downstairs.The mother -in -law came in with a teddy.

As soon as she entered the door, she loosened the rope, and the puppy was in my living room.

I was inexplicable and asked my mother -in -law what was this?She said: "Xiao Lan is not pregnant. Doctors say that pregnant women are not suitable for pets. For the baby, this dog will let you raise it first!"

I was about to refuse. My mother -in -law left the sentence: "Xiao Lan’s child is the grandson of our Zhou family. You are also a sister -in -law. What happened to help!" He left the dog and left.

I turned my head to look at the puppy, and it was raising my feet and "marking" to the corner!

After having a dog, I take it out every day.This dog is very small and has a great temper. On the first day, he fought with other dogs.I called my mother -in -law and suggested that she put the dog in the countryside first and let others watch it, but the mother -in -law thinks that I am coquettish, and even a dog is unwilling to watch it.

Within a few days, the dog bit the children of others.Which child is not a treasure now?In addition to paying for medical expenses, people have to look at the dog’s dog certificate.But not only did he not apply for a dog certificate, but even the minimum medical expenses were unwilling to pay.It is said that the dog is giving me me, and I should be responsible for this dog.

After listening to her, I was so angry.My mother -in -law also helped my brother -in -law talk, so that I would not be angry with pregnant women.No way, since this dog is mine, I’m responsible!

I paid all the medical expenses of the child, but I also handed it over to the police station for processing.

When my mother -in -law knew, I called and scolded me immediately: "Why are you so stingy, don’t you just ask you to pay some medical expenses. You actually handed Xiao Lan’s dog."

"Mom, I have already received medical expenses, why, and I want me to serve this dog one dragon, and get a dog card, is it? I am not free now, dog hair is allergic, do you want to give me me?Is the medicine cost? "

"Dog Mao is allergic, why do you say you are so delicate …"

I didn’t wait for my mother -in -law to finish talking, and I hung up the phone directly. I wanted to hear a good word from her mouth, so why should I embarrass myself.


Zhou Yun came back on a business trip, just happened to be a rest day.He took me to the beach for vacation.Said to apologize to me for my mother -in -law.I don’t want him to be too difficult to pinch it in the middle, and the donkey was made through the steps.

I also shared a good news I knew two days ago with Zhou Yun, and I was pregnant.Zhou Yun was about to be a father, he was happy to jump three feet high.

At this time, Zhou Yun’s mobile phone rang.

It turned out that Zhou Yu’s takeaway shop was fined 5,000 yuan because of no cold food license.

"You said, isn’t it just cold cucumber, this is still fine!" The mother -in -law scolded loudly and vented her anger.When she scolded enough, like the imperial decree, he said, "Zhou Yun, you transfer to Zhou Yu 20,000."

"In addition to fines, isn’t your brother -in -law pregnant? She wants to change a better set of lighting houses, and your community is good. Isn’t Building No. 3 renting a three -bedroom and one -living room rental?" Mother -in -law shouted.

Well, this is clearly inquired!

I grabbed my phone: "Mom, do they have such poor two couples? Can’t even be fined? I see their current houses are good, and the rent is not expensive. How much people have the ability, what kind of life is.Do we want to help them every month in the future? "

As soon as my mother -in -law heard me, she blown up: "You give my phone to my son, our family’s affairs, what is your outsiders who insert it!"

outsider!I sneered, stuffed my phone into Zhou Yun’s arms, and stared at him.

My mother -in -law said that Zhou Yu had to keep their money, and the child was used after birth.Now, let Zhou Yun more help.

Will we not want children?I grinded my teeth and let Zhou Yun go well, and went to the restaurant.I don’t know how he told his mother -in -law later, we made two thousand yuan.Zhou Yun said that it was the gift of his uncle to give the child in advance.


When we returned home on vacation, we actually saw my daughter -in -law and mother -in -law watching TV together.

The mother -in -law came to pick up the local products in Zhou Yun’s hand.She said that the house was not moved, Zhou Yu was fined, and Liu Lan was in a bad mood. When he saw Zhou Yu, he had to quarrel.For the baby in her belly, she was the master and let Liu Lan move over for a while.

In addition, the master bedroom appliances are brand new and light, so let Liu Lan live in the master bedroom first. She has put us in the guest room.

My mother -in -law looked at me obliquely: "Oh, now the pregnant woman is the first. When you are pregnant, put you first in this way."

I didn’t care about my mother -in -law and entered the guest room.My things were piled up on the bed in a mess. Several Valentine’s Day, Zhou Yun’s sexy underwear fell to the ground.

"Oh, the sister -in -law is really good!" Behind, Liu Lan said strangely.

My mother -in -law listened and hummed coldly.She felt that I was not a good girl. When she saw these underwear, she was more firm in her thoughts. Looking at my eyes, she was particularly contempt.

"Also the son of the Zhou family, why didn’t Zhou Yu send you?" I pointed out that this underwear was sent by Zhou Yun.The mother -in -law’s face suddenly turned red and white.

I stroked my lower abdomen: "I’m sorry, my mom, I am also pregnant. Isn’t it to put the pregnant woman first? After playing for two days, I still used to live in my own house or recognize the bed!"Put it on "your own home" and "admitting bed".Looking at my mother -in -law and Liu Lan’s face badly, I was particularly good.

I directed the embarrassing Zhou Yun and moved my things back to the master bedroom.Liu Lan said with her eyes and said to her mother -in -law: Mom, people do n’t wait to see us, should we go back?

She made a grieving look. This is the fire extinguishing, it is more like oiling.

My mother -in -law took her waist to the theory with me. I immediately covered my stomach, frowned, and shouted a little pain in my stomach.I was so scared that Zhou Yun hurried to hold me and asked me where I was uncomfortable?

Isn’t it just pretending to be green tea?I can do it too.

Seeing me like this, Liu Lanla holding the mother -in -law who planned to rush to the hard bar.I don’t know what Liu Lan thinks, she still insists on living in my room.And every time I see her and her mother -in -law, I have a bad mood, and I have to quarrel with Zhou Yun.

Zhou Yun remembers the reason why Liu Lan lived -quarreled with Zhou Yu every day.For the sake of the baby, he begged his mother -in -law to bring Liu Lan back, and we didn’t need to take care of the mother -in -law here. He would invite a nanny.

The mother -in -law was not good at hitting her mouth, so she had to coax Liu Lan back.


After that, her mother -in -law rarely came, and Liu Lan didn’t make a demon again.

When I was seven months of pregnancy, Zhou Yun received a call from Zhou Yu, saying that Liu Lan had a premature birth, and let us take my mother -in -law to live at home.

When my mother -in -law came, her eyes were swollen like walnuts, and the whole person was stunned.It turned out that her mother -in -law made Liu Lan in the morning, but she started her stomach pain when she ate.The mother -in -law was frightened, and she beat 120.Liu Lan went directly to the hospital’s delivery room.

After Liu Lan was awake, it was said that her mother -in -law hurt her prematurely.If it weren’t for her mother -in -law, her child would be healthier.I heard this too much, and Zhou Yu felt like this.Now the couple blame the cause of premature birth to her mother -in -law, and they don’t want to see her mother -in -law.

My mother -in -law wiped the tears: "This is the same as the same time as flat, and it used to be fine before. How can I eat my stomach when I eat it today!"

She asked Zhou Yun to believe her.She also kept the leftovers in the pot and said that she would get the hospital for testing to show her innocence.

The next day, Zhou Yun took her mother -in -law and 馄 to the hospital.My mother -in -law went sadly, but when she came back, she was resentful.

I called Zhou Yun aside and asked him what was going on?

When they went to the hospital, they went to see Liu Lan first.People didn’t see it, and first met Liu Lan’s attending physician.When the doctor heard about the incident of premature birth, he told Zhou Yun and her mother -in -law.The reason why Liu Lan gave birth was because she had miscarriage twice before, which caused the uterine wall to be too thin, and it had nothing to do with the pupa.

And it may be premature. The doctor told Liu Lan long ago and asked Liu Lan to be hospitalized in advance, but she refused.

The mother -in -law scolded Liu Lan at home, saying that she was blind and had been aborted twice. How could she not have a relationship?Said that Liu Lan was really vicious, and wanted to buckle the shit pot to her head.From Liu Lan to Liu Lanniang’s house, they said that they were really attentive and actually concealed things.

I thought that Liu Lan insisted on living in my house, and wouldn’t she want to frame me!

In the end, my mother -in -law seemed to have made any major decisions.She had to leave the nanny and take a look at me by herself.And guarantee that I will never make me angry.


We did not tell Zhou Yu, but he might learn from the doctor.After returning home, the two began to divorce. Finally, for the children, the two still had a life.

When my mother -in -law said, I took good care of me.

I gave birth to a big fat boy.Both mother -in -law and Zhou Yun smiled all day.I don’t know if this is the reason, my mother -in -law was closer to me.Sometimes Zhou Yun deliberately teased me. I was not angry yet, and my mother -in -law had taught him a meal.

After the confinement, one day, my mother -in -law came to me to talk about the sky.

"Xu Qiao, you must have a strange change in my attitude. Tell me the truth, I have quietly asked the doctor if you have a giving birth." My mother -in -law smiled: "The doctor said that there was no record in the archive. SeeThere is nothing in the cervix. I just think. It seems that I have misunderstood you before. Some things really depend on the inside! "

"I apologize for you. If you are willing, I will leave you to bring you a child. If you don’t want, I will go back to the countryside."

My mother -in -law has various problems, and she will scold people in a bad mood, but she is always Zhou Yun’s mother.I took my mother -in -law’s hand: "Mom, you just stay, but the three chapters of the law, you can’t get angry if you can’t move!"

"Oh!" My mother -in -law answered quickly, but her voice choked a little.

This is my reconciliation with my mother -in -law, why isn’t my reconciliation with myself!

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