After men ligated, do you not get pregnant 100%?

When it comes to sterilization, most people first think of letting the woman "on the ring". In fact, when both husband and wife have a demand for sterilization, there are few men who take the initiative to choose a tubal ligation.On the one hand, it may be due to the social reasons of the inequality of men and women. On the other hand, many men are full of worry and fear of ligation -will the loss of fertility affect the dignity of men?After ligation, will the performance decrease?If you regret it after ligation, can you still clear it?Nympho

Men’s semen is composed of sperm and semi -semen, and sperm is produced by testicles. The semi -semen is the prostate, seminal vesic glands, and urethral glandular secretion.Semen is an organic matter. The semen contains fructose and protein. It is a nutrient of sperm. It also contains prostaglandin and some enzymes.

Sperm is generated in the testicles. After the epididymis matures, it must be reached to the seminal vesicles through the vas The voltage and then the ejaculation tube. Therefore, no matter which link is, the sperm cannot be ejected smoothly.We often say that male ligation refers to cutting off the vollar tubes to prevent semen from contain sperm, thereby achieving the purpose of contraception.

Men’s ejaculation requires three steps: sperm, ejaculation, and inner mouth of the urethra. Male ligation only intercepts the passage of the sperm to the seminal vesicles, and can still ejaculate, but the semen does not contain sperm.

Someone will worry that sperm cannot come out of the body, will it "be bad"?Don’t worry about this, the sperm that cannot be removed will be slowly decomposed and absorbed without any negative impact on the body.

We must know that androgen is the emergence of maturity and second sexual characteristics of male attached organs, and maintaining normal sexual desire and increasing sexual excitement. Male ligation will not affect the secretion ofrogens, nor will it affect the erectile function.It will still ejaculate during the sexual life, but there is no sperm in the sperm in the sperm.Some people say that after ligation, premature ejaculation and impotence are actually psychological effects, and even some people say that men are not male after ligation.Nothing.

In fact, men still need to wear sleeves when they are ligated.After the male ligation, the remaining sperm in the seminal vesicles can continue to survive for several weeks or even a few months, so after the surgery, it has to be contraceptive for at least 2 months, and the sperm is more than 8 times.Use other contraceptive measures.

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A long time ago, the vasters ligation was an irreversible surgery, but with the development of medicine, most of the surgery can be re -through after the development of the vasters.However, sometimes it may produce antibody antibodies after ligation. Even if the vas The vas The tubes are re -through, the fertility ability cannot be fully recovered.

However, some are because the squeezing tube is ligated without isolation. The ligation of the two broken end is open or the tight tube wall is separated by the two broken end.

The in -uterine -saving device refers to placing foreign bodies in the uterine cavity, mostly metal rings, which inhibit the bed of the embryo sac, and play a role in increasing contraceptive effects.The advantages are convenient, long -lasting, safe and effective, but there may also be some side effects, such as high menstrual flow, abdominal pain, ectopic or unexpected pregnancy, etc.

Men’s ligation surgery is more suitable for couples who do not want to have children, but they may also cause pain nodules, epididymal stasis, epididymitis, and regeneration.In short, no matter which method is used, the doctor’s suggestion is required, and the two people are negotiated to choose a more appropriate method according to their own situation.

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