After many years, why did Huang Rong suddenly get pregnant?Yang Guo slept at Huang Rong’s house for one night and witnessed the truth

When it comes to Huang Rong, many readers can talk about it.Huang Rong is not only the heroine of "The Heroes of the Eagle", but also an important role of "The Condor Heroes".In "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji", although Huang Rong did not officially appear in the book, the Yitian Sword and Dragon Sword that she and Guo Jing left through the full text.

There is no doubt that Huang Rong and Guo Jing are key figures throughout the "Trilogy of Eagle".It is also because Huang Rong is the most female role in Jin Yong’s ink. In addition, Huang Rongyan is absolutely the world and the snow and snow is smart. Her every move in the original text will attract the attention of readers.

For example, in the era of God’s carving, Huang Rong and Guo Jing had a daughter called Guo Fu.But when Guo Fu grows to his teens, why did Huang Rong suddenly get pregnant again?

Huang Rong and Guo Jing are a model couple in Jin Yong’s writing. They met, know each other, fall in love in the era of carving, and then became partners and rushed into the rivers and lakes.

In the era of God’s carving, Huang Rong and Guo Jing practiced the "Jiuyin True Scriptures" together, and their internal skills had been practiced in a state of amazing.The original text wrote that Huang Rong knew that Zhang Da’s voice challenged Li Mochou, and listened to his third howling sound. Nowadays, Dantian, followed, followed the sound.Guo Jing’s howling is majestic, but Huang Rong’s is clear and high.The voices of the two were intertwined, like a Dapeng and a bird flying side by side, flying higher, and the birds never fell behind Dapeng.The two were devoted hard on Taohua Island, and their internal strength had become a realm.

The sound of the two not only shouted Li Mochou, but also scared away the Western poison Ouyang Feng.Later, Guo Jing brought Yang Guo, who was only 13 or 4 years old, to Taohua Island, and let him live with Guo Fu and Wu’s brothers together in Taohua Island and cultivate martial arts.

However, when Yang Guo was 20 years old, there were many major events in Xiangyang City.In addition to the Mongolian Division Golden Wheelfay, with Huo Du and Darba, there is one thing that makes readers wonder: Huang Rong, who has reached the middle age, suddenly became pregnant.

Why does the author use the word "suddenly"?As mentioned earlier, Huang Rongsheng’s first daughter called Guo Fu, and she was about 2 or 3 years old.In other words, the year when Yang was 20 years old, Guo Fu, 17 and 8, had a younger sister and a younger brother.

Such a plot setting seems to be reasonable, but it is inevitable that Huang Rong’s actions are inevitably doubtful.It turned out that after Huang Rong gave birth to Guo Fu, she was pregnant after 17 or 8 years, so I would use the word "suddenly".

Yes, Huang Rong is Guo Jing’s love wife. The two are like paint. Even if the war in Xiangyang City is tight, Huang Rong and Guo Jing are still loving.However, the problem also followed. Since the Huang Rong and Guo Jing couple are deeply affectionate, they should not give birth to their children early, but when did they give birth to Guo Xiang and Guo Polu after many years?

Coincidentally, in the year of Huang Rong’s pregnancy, Yang Guo frequently entered and exited Xiangyang City.Some readers who like to imagine believe that Yang Guo is Guo Xiang’s biological father.The reasons they give are the following points:

1. Yang Guo knew that Guo Xiang was his own daughter, and then he took out three wishing gold needles, and raised his brain to hold three precious birthday gifts for Guo Xiang.

2. Huang Rong also knew that Guo Xiang’s biological father was unlike, so he tried his best to stop Guo Xiang and Yang Guo get closer.

3. Why did Guo Xiang suddenly realize that year at the age of 40?It is nothing more than knowing the true relationship of myself and Yang Guo.

Is the above statement ridiculous?Jin Yong has already told us from Yang Guo’s perspective.It turned out that Yang Guo had slept for a night at Huang Rong’s house, and he witnessed the cause and effect of Huang Rong’s sudden pregnancy.

Yang Guo is the son of Yang Kang. He not only inherited the appearance of Yang Kang and Mu Nianci very well, but also inherited Yang Kang’s cunning and Mu Nianci’s intelligence.

Yang Guo felt strange during his youth. Guo Jing treated himself as herself, but Huang Rong was a little sensitive to himself.He thought hard for this matter for many years, and then knew that the death of his biological father and Huang Rong had a great relationship with the soft and hard and hard of the silly aunt.

It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Guofang thoroughly awakened: No wonder Huang Rong always guarded himself at all times. It turned out that he and the Guo family had a deep hatred.

As the saying goes: The hatred of the killing father does not wear the sky. In order to avenge Yang Kang, Yang Guo pretended to be Guo Jing and lived in Xiangyang City, and he also sleep with Guo Jing.

Guo Jing is kind and kind, where would he know that Yang Guo, the pillow, hid a sharp dagger in his arms. As long as he was sleeping, Yang Guo would immediately take out a dagger and first have his own life.

When Guo Jing entered the dreamland and Yang Guo was about to move, Huang Rong appeared at the window at the same time.

It turned out that Huang Rong had long noticed Yang Guo’s weirdness. She shouted Guo Jing out of the room and said, "This time I came to Xiangyang, and I was very weird in my spirit, and said that you and him sleep with him.Why did you keep standing under your window? I still don’t sleep with him in a room. It should be noted that people’s hearts are unpredictable, and his father … always died of poisoning because of one palm patted on my shoulder. "

Ancient people: There must be a loss of wise people, and Huang Rong is no exception. No matter how clever she is, she has not expected that Yang before has been secretly followed, and she also talked about her conversation with Guo Jing.

As Huang Rong and Guo Jing talked more and more, the topic of the two gradually turned to their children.Just listen to Guo Jingdao: "Okay, but hope that this girl will not be as naughty as her sister in the future, so old, and let her parents worry." Huang Rong smiled slightly and said, "If you have the exercise, then you can only do it…. "I sighed, and said," I hope to be a boy, so that Guo Men has the back. "

Do you realize here?It turned out that Huang Rong chose to get pregnant again after 17 or 8 years because she wanted to regenerate a boy so that Guo Fu was just a female stream or a reckless man.

I have to admire Jin Yong’s dense mind and literary skills. As the author, he considers Huang Rong’s strangeness after many years of pregnancy, and easily explained this seemingly unreasonable reason in a phrase "Guo Men’s Hou" easily.Plot setting.

Heroes, what do you think?

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