After her husband was "hidden rules" by the female leader, the wife of the charm became rich overnight!(two)


Just when I planned the future, the door door was knocked.

Xiao Gang looked at the door proudly, and lost his suit without saying a word.

"You, go to the suit to iron me."

"I am still like before, give you two thousand living expenses a month."

The gesture of his alchemy made me disgusting. I grabbed the suit and threw it towards him. "No time!"

Xiao Gang was smashed with a blushing face, so he was so angry that he ordered me with his fingers. "You fucking, Xu Lu, I advise you not to get in the ruler, it’s too much trouble, I don’t give you a penny!manage!"

"Hey, I’m so scared."

I sneered and walked to him: "Xiao Gang, in a first -tier city like Jinghai, 2,000 yuan a month, you want me to maintain a family of three, are you really stupid or stupid? If it wasn’t it meWrite a part -time manuscript every night and ask my mother to borrow money. Do you think this family can support it now? "

"Two thousand to open your mouth and close your mouth all day, but you take two thousand to ask a nanny to come back? Now the nanny will have eight thousand!"

"Isn’t your mother saying my grandson in the country? You let her come over, why can’t she come over? I want me to say, all your family is a selfish ghost, my mother comes to helpIt ’s delicious and delicious. The money you earn is yours, and the housework at home is all mine. You are real double -the -standard! I ca n’t find people who are more selfish than you in the world!"

Xiao Gang was so angry that he couldn’t speak.

I was finally happy in my heart, and I threw it to the door.


The next day I was sleeping, and I was awakened by the noisy voice in the living room.

It seems like my mother -in -law is here?

I walked out of the room and saw my mother -in -law video call with people in the living room.

"Yo, you can wake up. If you don’t know, you think you are in the room. I won’t get up for a long time!"

"And you look at this family, what is dirty!"

"No pots in the kitchen are brushed, which is like a woman …"

As soon as I woke up, I was too lazy to quarrel with this wife.

I went to the kitchen and cooked some meals, told his son to get up for dinner, and sent him to the school bus before returning.

As soon as I entered the door, I was blocked by my wife: "Why did my son marry a woman like you without education? Just now you go to the kitchen to cook rice, why don’t you brush the bowl and wash the pot? Are you blind?Living, do you want me to be a reminder for your elders? "

"This is my house, you can’t get used to it."

I finished speaking lightly and went to the bathroom, how could she scold me anymore.

Today I am going to the bank.

Before leaving the door, my mother -in -law stopped me again and asked me to clean up the house and go out.

I dialed 110 directly in front of her, and the police talked to her, and she counseled, but still scolded me on her mouth.

"See how my son comes back to clean up you!"

I laughed.

In a few days, who is cleaning up is not necessarily.


I took my dad’s bank card and came to a self -service access machine.

When my dad saw my life tightly, I gave me the pension card. Later, Xiao Gang knew that I had this money, so I often owed the cost of living.

There is now 8,000 yuan on the card.

I quietly called the koi system and applied for withdrawal to my dad’s card.

Soon, my dad went to account 999999999.99 yuan.

Seeing this amount with my own eyes, my mood was irritating.

I have a hunch, my life is going to hang up.

I immediately took a taxi to my parents’ residence, but before I entered the door, I heard my mother’s cry.

"Lao Xu, your leg, what can I do …"

"Xiao Gang, this animal/birth, borrowed 100,000 in Lulu in the past two years. Now you have to cure the disease. He does not admit it, and he has no conscience."

"It’s really not possible, let’s tell Lulu, maybe Lulu said to Xiao Gang, can you do it?"

My dad sighed, "Don’t say it, Lulu is difficult now."

"When I first saw Xiao Gang home first, I felt that this person was unreliable, but Lulu was pregnant, and there was no way. Later, the company at home went bankrupt. If you look at the face of the animal/life","

My mother cried even more sadly.

"But if you don’t have enough 100,000, your legs are abandoned …"

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