After giving birth to a baby, some new mothers have a big appetite, but some do not want to eat anything?Do you know the reason

It is a wonderful thing to have a baby, but for our women, it can be said to be a very hard thing.

This is not only because the 10 months of pregnancy will cause a lot of changes in all aspects of our body, but more importantly, the moment of childbirth will make us consume a lot of essence.

In this special case, even if you usually have a good constitution, you will feel that you have never been weak.

After the quasi -quasi -mother -in -law and hard production process, the best way to remedy was to sit in a "good confinement" and replenish vitality and energy.

Among them, diet is very important.

Because of the comprehensiveness of expectant mother’s nutrition, not only is it related to her health, but also the nutrition and health of new babies who eat breast milk.

After I gave birth to my daughter, I remember my mother said to me at the time that made me remember.

Although her mother is a rural no -cultural aunt, she still attaches great importance to confinement.

Mom and I said that daughter, women must not serve herself in confinement, otherwise it is a matter of life. Don’t be reluctant to spend money.Put back your body back.

After having a baby, one eats one, two people absorb, and many new mothers will appetite.

But many times, there are often some things that do not have any wishes.Some postpartum mothers know that confinement must be good, and it doesn’t matter if you have to get fat. The key baby has milk to eat.

However, when he found that during the confinement, he had no appetite in the face of the various meals on the table, and there was no desire to eat at all.

But you ca n’t eat it. If you do n’t eat it, you will not only recover your body slowly, but your milk is not enough for your baby to eat.

This is the case for girlfriends Xiao Yun. After Xiao Yun gave birth to her daughter, she had a bad appetite.Everyone said that confinement would be fat, but her girlfriend Xiao Yun lost a few pounds.

In order to make your appetite better, eat more.My daughter has more milk to eat, and my girlfriend Xiao Yun talked several times for me for this matter.

I was thinking; the girlfriend’s father -in -law’s supermarkets all opened two rooms. The family was so good, and the elderly would not sting the food of the daughter -in -law.Why do girlfriends have no stomach?

After careful chat, I found that my girlfriend was in a bad mood after giving birth, because the father -in -law and mother -in -law were all businessmen, and the bottom of the family was not thin, and they all came from the rural areas.

Only the girlfriend’s husband has one son.When the girlfriend was pregnant, the family saw a sharp belly.I thought the child in the stomach was a boy.

When I learned that my girlfriend was born with a daughter, the family’s faces were not very beautiful.All this, girlfriends are in their eyes.The mood is extremely low.

Later, I checked a lot of gestational books and learned that no appetite after childbirth was related to the mood of the maternal low.

For example, when ordinary people are in a bad mood, in addition to venting, there is also a performance that does not want to eat.

Postpartum mothers are more prominent.Originally, after the maternal hormone, the maternal hormone would be lowered to the state before pregnancy. The hormone disorders for a while will make many postpartum mothers uncomfortable.

Coupled with the relationship between hormones and fatigue, it will cause postpartum mothers to feel low, burnt, etc., which will affect the appetite of postpartum mothers.

That is to say, the mood of mothers after childbirth will affect appetite. Girlfriend Xiao Yun sees that her family is unhappy about her own daughter, so she feels extremely low, so that she has no appetite.

■ Guide the emotions of the new mother

Women often bring emotional fluctuations due to changes in hormone levels in the body after childbirth.As a family, we must actively guide and do not pour fuel on fire.

If the new mother’s emotions cannot be eliminated in time, not only have no appetite, but also prone to mental disorders.

When the new mother has a low emotional mood, the family and husband should double care and care, and strengthen care for the baby to make the new mother have sufficient rest and sleep.

The new mother’s husband and loved ones should be avoided, and do not make the new mothers worry, anger, sorrow and sadness.

Of course, the new mother must also be good at regulating her emotions, eliminate various thoughts, and eliminate or reduce the adverse emotions.The new mother should try to maintain a happy spirit, clear heart, and calmness.

■ Keep a light diet

Regardless of whether it is natural or cesarean section, the new mother will feel weak and have no appetite in the first few days. If at this time forcibly eat the greasy "food", the appetite will only be reduced.

Some new mothers have a loss of appetite due to factors such as taking care of their baby’s pressure, lack of sleep, emotional excitement, and worry about their body. In addition, the activity is reduced, it is not easy to feel hungry, or the confinement food is not delicious, but they cannot sit sitting.During the confinement, you can get the nutritional supplement.

Therefore, it is recommended to maintain a light diet and eat some light food at this stage. You can eat light food, such as slices of meat, minced meat, lean beef, chicken, fish, etc., with fresh vegetables, the taste is refreshing and nutritious.

In addition, fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, etc. also have appetizers.New mothers can eat some adjustment of appetite appropriately.

■ Breakfast must be eaten

Many new mothers disrupt their lives because they are not used to giving milk in the middle of the night, so they lack of sleep and lack of appetite. As a result, breakfast often ignores breakfast.And breakfast during milk is richer and more important than usual.

New mothers remember not to destroy the basic diet model of three meals a day.Be sure to eat breakfast.

■ Eat more vegetables and fruits and eat less food

Vegetables and fruits can provide rich vitamins and minerals, but also provide sufficient amounts of dietary cellulose to cause constipation after prevention.

The advantage of fruits and vegetables is that it contains a variety of rich minerals and vitamins, which are not as good as meat. New mothers may wish to eat more, and the rich cellulose can also help gastrointestinal motility and make defecation smooth.

If the postpartum diet is appropriate and balanced, it can not only add points to health, but also add points to the body.

■ Eat more soup drinks

The soup is delicious, and it is easy to digest and absorb, and it can also promote milk secretion.

Our Guangdong people like to drink soup. During our confinement, many new mothers of these soups love to drink (brown sugar egg soup, catfish soup, trotters soup, pork rib soup), etc. When you have a bad appetite,Drink a bowl of these nutritious soups.not bad.

Remember to eat soup meat together, so nutrition is better.Of course, the amount of soup drinking should be moderate to prevent milk swelling.

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