After giving birth to a baby, "Aunt Auntie" is driving at this time, you are likely to be easy to get pregnant

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After a woman has a baby, because of the "qi and blood loss", it will take a long time to recover, but some people will recover quickly, and they can conceive in the case of everyone’s accidents.There is a great relationship between constitution.

A treasure mother around him was very distressed. After getting married, he had not reached a year after the first child, and he was pregnant, because Dabao was too small to have a miscarriage.

I brought the birth ring, and I was thinking about it. I did not expect that I could get pregnant unexpectedly during the ring. Because of the reasons for the birthplace, I was worried about the impact on the fetus. I could only do it again. LaterI became pregnant soon.

However, after the second child, he can still be pregnant twice when taking measures, two children in six years, and three abortion. Bao Ma is particularly worried.

His pregnancy is really distressed, and because of many people, the body is obviously not as good as before.

However, no matter how pregnant, some people are difficult to get pregnant. Compared with Yiyu’s mother, they are really envious of this mother.

So what kind of talent is so easy to get pregnant and become a pregnancy -prone constitution?Menstruation, normal

Menstruation is almost fixed every month, and menstruation remains normal in quality. Then the ovulation period is easy to grasp the law. For couples who want to prepare for pregnancy, pregnancy is not difficult.Moderate weight

Studies have shown that too fat or too thin will be relatively difficult for pregnancy. If it is too thin, it will affect the production of eggs in the ovaries. Conception requires the combination of sperm and eggs. The decrease in eggs directly leads to difficulty in preparing pregnancy.

And if it is difficult to ovulation, it will cause infertility.

Excessive weight will also affect the baby preparing for the baby. Excessive weight will cause increasedrogens in the body, leading to polycystic ovary symptoms, etc. The symptoms of polycystic ovary manifesting: increased hair, decreased menstrual flow, and prone to obesity, and cannot discharge the eggs normally.You cannot conceive with sperm.

Moderate age of childbearing

At the age of fertility, women are between 25 and 29 years old, and men are between 27 and 32.The latest age of women should not exceed 35 years, and men’s latest fertility age is not more than 38 years old.

It is difficult to conceive too early or too late.Keep a good mood

Most diseases are related to mood. They are depressed, and they will be sick and cold, endocrine disorders, and good moods, not only maintain good physical functions, but also do more with less.

Under normal circumstances, after women have a baby, they will be able to recover menstruation for about half a year to one year. Comeoma means that women’s uterus and ovarian function basically restore, but some people can come to menstruation when they are out of confinement.The ovary recovered early.

Such people are also easy to conceive. If you don’t want to prepare for a second child so soon, it is essential for contraceptive measures.

However, this does not mean that the menstruation starts to start contraception. It does not matter if menstruation is not related to menstruation. It is really related to whether it can be pregnant and whether women can ovulate normally.

After giving birth to a baby, the body did not recover. The aunt did not come, but the ovulation was normal.

Don’t stay up late, the rules of work and rest: staying up late is the most unhealthy lifestyle. Although the nightlife is very convenient now, it is at the expense of our endocrine disorders and boils our body.

Maintaining a good routine is one of the primary conditions for pregnancy.

Do not smoke and drink: We all know harmful and healthy smoking and drinking. Needless to say, as a husband and wife who have always wanted to Huaibao, the harm caused by smoking and drinking will not only affect ourselves, but also affect pregnancy.Will chance to bring the harm to the baby in pregnancy.

Proper exercise to maintain good health: proper exercise, maintaining health, is also a good basic work for preparing for pregnancy. In addition to the danger of three months in pregnancy, women in pregnancy also need to do exercise to maintain health.

Don’t be anxious: negative emotions such as anxiety and restlessness will bring endocrine effects on pregnant women. Endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, irregular ovulation, and pregnancy will also be difficult.

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