After giving birth, can you dye your hair, make up, and lose weight?Is it harmful to your baby?

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From pregnancy to breastfeeding, some mothers will take 2-3 years. If you plan to have two children, it will definitely be longer.Many young mothers will choose to return to the workplace after giving birth, and there will be various opportunities to show up, and they will also attend various important occasions.It seems difficult for the hot moms who love "smelly beauty" at the moment.

In modern society, many chemical synthetic products bring convenience to our lives, and it will inevitably bring some harm to the body.However, the amount of harm should be considered according to the dose. Occasionally, the hair, dyeing the head, and the beauty of the nails. The content of those chemical components into the human body and then breast milk is very small, which can basically be ignored.

But is it completely safe for makeup, hairdressing, nail art?In fact, it is not necessarily. In addition to the basically unreachable path of breast milk, the harmful chemical composition is likely to cause damage to the baby through the most daily contact of the mother and child.Below, let’s talk about the issues related to "smelly beauty" that hot moms care about:

After giving birth to a baby, some mothers have to make up after returning to the workplace because of their work, and some mothers hope to use cosmetics to enhance their image.However, for breastfeeding mothers, "whether using cosmetics will affect the quality of breast milk" has become the biggest concern, especially after hearing that "cosmetics will enter the body and enters the milk through the skin"Well.

In fact, the way to affect the baby’s baby is not milk, nor will it cause adverse effects to the baby through breast milk.What is really possible to bring "threats" to the baby is the contact process between mother and child.If the mother turns on makeup (especially makeup), when playing with the baby or approaching the baby close to the baby, the baby’s little hand will inevitably touch the mother’s face, then the cosmetics remaining on the baby’s small hand, once the baby sucks the finger by sucking his finger, the baby sucks his finger.Eating in your stomach can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.Sometimes the mother will "kiss" with her baby unconsciously, and the baby’s skin may cause allergies after contacting cosmetics.

After making makeup, you should pay attention to wash your hands and contact the baby, and avoid your baby from touching the makeup on his face. It is best to remove makeup immediately after returning home.When the baby is larger, avoid the baby’s contact with the mother’s cosmetics. It is best to store it in the cabinet at the high place in the house to avoid the baby’s mistake.

At present, there are not many related research evidence that breast milk mothers have adverse effects on baby -feeding babies feeding in breast milk.As long as it is a regular, small, low -frequency hair dye and perm, it will not enter the blood through the scalp and then enter the breast milk, so it will not affect the baby, and they will not eat these chemical preparations through breast milk.Essence

However, the problem mentioned above, the hot dyeing agent is mainly on the hair and scalp. In the first few days after dyeing and perm, even if the hair has been washed over, the scalp and hair may still have residual hair dye dyeing agents., Perm.Mom should pay attention to the process of playing with the baby, try not to let the baby touch her hair, let alone let the baby eat hair.

When it comes to nail art, nail polish may stick to the skin when doing nail art, and some volatile irritating smells will be smelled.However, in general, as long as the baby is not allowed to contact and smell these materials, the amount of these chemical components is absorbed into the mother’s body very small, and the dose of entered the milk through the blood emulsion barrier is slightly minimal, and the impact on the baby is basically nothing.

As long as you pay attention, do n’t do too much frequency of nails; do n’t hold your baby immediately after you go home to do well, and wash your hands and arms thoroughly; in the process of playing with your baby, do n’t let your baby 啃 your nails; in addition,What must be avoided is to let your baby go in and out of nail shops with you.

After speaking, the accessories that are applied and applied to improve women’s face value, let’s talk about body.Body is something that every woman cares about, whether it is a girl or a new mother.After October, even after giving birth to a baby for a few months, the relaxed belly is still difficult to recover as early as the beginning. If you eat and drink during pregnancy and drink, there is no control, the fat after giving birth will make you frustrated.Well.

Many mothers want to lose weight and bodybuilding before returning to the workplace. This is a very normal demand, but mothers are also worried that if they die, they will reduce breast milk.It is recommended that mothers do not suddenly reduce energy intake during breastfeeding. They can eat eight percentage every time, and maintain diverse food types. Meat, milk, vegetables, vegetables, fruits, and grain must be eaten. Do not eat fried, puffed, fat contentHigh junk food, healthy and balanced diet, will not affect the quality and quantity of breast milk.

After talking about diet, let’s talk about exercise.Exercise after childbirth is good for physical recovery. This is the concept that more and more young mothers can accept.

Postpartum recovery exercises can not only help restore the body and physical strength before pregnancy, but also have goodness for regulating mood, reducing stress, and preventing postpartum depression.Putting on comfortable shoes quickly walking quickly is a good way.Of course, after the puzzle period, fitness, yoga, swimming and other movements are good shapes.

You may hear such a saying: The lactic acid produced by the body after exercise will enter the milk through blood, which may cause the milk taste to become acidic and affect the baby’s acceptance.What’s more, it is believed that such "yogurt" nutritional components have changed, which will adversely affect the baby.Are these claims real?

High -intensity exercise can indeed gather lactic acid, but the excess lactic acid in the blood is very fast.Studies have shown that 10 minutes after exercise, the lactic acid concentration in milk reaches its peak, and has gradually declined.30 minutes after exercise, the lactic acid content in breast milk is no different from before exercise.

In other words, after half an hour after exercise, you don’t have to worry about turning "yogurt".What’s more, the amount of exercise in our postpartum is difficult to reach "high intensity", and the lactic acid in milk is very limited.If you are really uneasy or do very severe exercise, you can squeeze out the milk within 30 minutes after exercise and throw it away.

After a woman’s pregnancy, the secretion of hormones in the body is greatly increased, which will promote the growth of the hair. Therefore, the number of hair during pregnancy may increase, and it is also shiny.However, with the time of childbirth, with the change of hormones in the body, the support effect on hair decreases, so the hair loss occurs.

Most of the postpartum hair loss parts are in the top 1/3 of the head.With the gradual recovery of hormone secretion in the body after childbirth, it can usually be recovered in about 6 months.Therefore, postpartum hair loss is a normal physiological phenomenon, and the mother does not have to worry too much about or fear for this.

That’s all, but when you look at every corner of the house, you have your own hair. Every time you combine your hair, your mothers will inevitably be embarrassed. How can it reduce the phenomenon of hair loss?

First of all, mothers’ postpartum psychology, nutrition and personal hygiene is important.Keep your mood happily, have regular diet, eat less greasy and irritating foods, and pay attention to hygienic maintenance of postpartum hair, which can effectively reduce hair loss.

How to maintain your hair?Pay attention to use shampoo suitable for your own skin and hair quality. Do not rub your hair hard. If you have conditions, dry it as natural as possible without warmth.Improved quality.If the postpartum hair loss is severe, or after 6 months of hair loss, the phenomenon of hair loss has not improved.

After being a mother, are you more and more beautiful?Is there any small way to lose weight, skin care, and hair care, talk to everyone ~

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