After getting sick and taking medicine, I accidentally found that I was pregnant. Can children ask?

As long as women who have been pregnant with a baby know that once you have a baby, whether you are diet or medicine or take medicine, you need to make strict scruples.Baby.

However, it is not ruled out that there is such a situation, that is, when I do n’t know that I have already Huaibao, I ’m sick and take medicine because I’ m sick. As a result, I accidentally discovered that they were Huaibao. Can such children continue to conceive?

1. If in the early stages of pregnancy, children will be affected by drugs

Everyone must pay attention. Not all drugs will affect the child’s health, so even after the baby is pregnant, the drug can be used to use it.

For example, because of some small colds, pregnant mothers may face the ending of injections and medicine, but these drugs will have a clear explanation, which will definitely not try to affect pregnant mothers.It is also best not to use the drug effects to avoid accidental impacts on children.

2. Will simply antibiotic treatment affect the baby?

Some pregnant mothers believe that after a cold, even antibiotics cannot be used. This is a wrong understanding. Not all antibiotics will cause the baby to be malformed.

In other words, with the continuous improvement of human antibiotics, many of these drugs have not seriously affected pregnant mothers and babies, so even if you are pregnant, these drugs can still be used.Other bad threats.

3. How can you determine your child, can you still want it?

If you have found that you have a baby and the drugs have been eaten, and you can’t find problems at this time, then the drug explanation is mainly. If the drug is determined to have terators for the baby, you can not continue to conceive, because this is because this is like thisThe ending is mostly unfortunate.

However, if the drug is clearly impact, it can continue to be pregnant, but the later inspection should be relatively dense, so as to avoid some problems due to other reasons during this period.All in all, do not use medicine at will during pregnancy. You must use related drugs under professional guidance.

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