After feeding the medicine baby vomiting, I found that I was pregnant after taking the medicine?Wuhan Children’s Hospital opened pharmaceutical outpatient clinics to solve the problem of children, pre

(Reporter Xu Ruijie, correspondent Xue Yuan)

"After all the medicines that were fed in, I vomited after a while. Is this considered or not taken?" "I found that I was pregnant after taking the medicine, can the child still ask?"? "The medication problem is confused, can I only search online?Wuhan Children’s Hospital Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital has prescribed pharmaceutical clinics to solve the problem of medication during children, pregnancy, and lactation.

"After taking the medicine and vomiting, do you want to make up?"

"Children have vomited after taking medicine, do you want to make up?" Liu Maochang, deputy director of the children’s medication clinic of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, often encountered such issues such as parents. He introduced that if the child missed or vomitedNutritional supplementary drugs such as calcium tablets occasionally omit or vomiting will not have a significant impact on the child. It can be taken without supplementing. The next time, take the original prescribed time and dose.If you miss or vomit the treatment of medication, especially for long -term treatment drugs that are vital to the treatment of diseases, it is recommended to consult a doctor or pharmacist to decide whether to take supplementation based on the omissions or vomiting time.

If the child is sick, can you use the medicine that adults take?Liu Maochang explained that the facts are exactly the opposite. "Children are not a narrow version of adults." Children’s bodies have not yet developed and liver and kidney function is not mature. Many drugs are not suitable for children. Children may even be misused because of misuse.Some adult drugs cause the body to cause damage or even irreversible consequences.

"After taking a cold medicine, can you still ask for a child?" Can children still ask? "

"Can I take anti -allergies when I am pregnant?" On March 13, Ms. Li, 28, came to Wuhan Children’s Hospital Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital for pregnancy and breastfeeding.They all need to take anti -allergic drugs. Not long ago, Ms. Li found that she had been pregnant for 14 weeks. When she was happy, she was tangled. On the one hand, she was worried that stopping the drug would lead to recurrence of her condition. On the other hand, she was worried that she would continue to take medicine.It is not good for the fetus.

The clinic pharmacist Shu Chang believes that if the symptoms of urticaria have affected Ms. Li’s quality of life, they can use anti -allergic drugs under the premise of weighing the pros and cons.The anti -allergic drug taken by ladies has a small impact on pregnancy.This made Ms. Li ate a peaceful pill and went home to raise her fetus at ease.

"After taking a cold medicine, I found that I was pregnant, can my child still want it?" Ms. Liu, 32, just conceived her baby, but sometimes she had a pain in my lower abdomen recently. She couldn’t help thinking of taking a cold medicine before pregnancy.Recently, she hurriedly went to Wuhan Children’s Hospital Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital Internet Hospital for consultation.

After asking Ms. Liu’s last menstrual period, medication time, etc., Shu Chang analyzed that Ms. Liu’s medication time was the third day after the same room. At this timeThe drug has an impact on the fetus, the embryo will naturally eliminate. "None" means that there is no obvious effect. You can continue to become pregnant. From the results of other examinations, Ms. Liu’s embryo develops well. It is recommended to continue pregnancy and closely follow -up during pregnancy.

According to Shu Chang, there are also some women who use health products or skin care products containing vitamin A acid components, or take antiviral drugs, and stable mood drugs, and find unexpected pregnancy.It is a pity to terminate pregnancy.She suggested that in addition to supplementing folic acid, other drugs should consult the pharmacist before taking the medicine to evaluate risks.She particularly reminded that the prospective dad also need to pay attention to the medication, and some drugs will also affect fertility and increase the risk of teratogenic.

Pharmaceutical outpatient guidance problem solving problems

At present, the phenomenon of unreasonable medication is relatively common. Many people do not know enough about the safety of medication. "Better serving children and women in pregnancy and breastfeeding.The original intention. "Liu Maochang introduced that the pharmaceutical clinic of the hospital currently has children’s medication clinics, pregnancy and breastfeeding and drug clinics, and precise medication clinics.It is also aimed at children with chronic patients (such as epilepsy, kidney disease, hematological tumor disease, twitching disorders, etc.) based on the monitoring of the drug concentration and the results of the drug gene test, and the design of the solution of individualized medication.Essence

He reminded that the pharmacist is different from doctors. The pharmacist only provides pharmaceutical consulting services and cannot issue drugs and inspection and inspection forms.In order to better provide professional pharmaceutical services to patients, please bring medical records, test results, and drugs when you are diagnosed, so that pharmacists can accurately obtain disease diagnosis and medication information.Patients can go to the "Wuhan Children’s Hospital Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital" official WeChat to enter the Internet hospital for one -on -one online consultation. You can also make an appointment for registration and consult from the pharmaceutical clinic.

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