After discovering pregnancy, 7 important things to be done must see that parents must see

After discovering pregnancy, for the first time as our parents, we must be happy and a little embarrassed, so what do I need to do after pregnancy?

Based on my own experience, the following 7 things have been compiled!

Hope to help you:

Go to the hospital to confirm pregnancy

I found that my menstruation did not come at home, or after using the pregnancy test stick to test the pregnancy, I needed to go to the hospital to draw blood and check the indicators such as progesterone and HCG.

Then at 6-8 weeks, do B-ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy (must be checked to exclude ectopic pregnancy).

Check inspection and archives

After confirming that the palace is pregnant, you can make an appointment for NT checks from 11 to 13 weeks in advance.

Then go to the community hospital to build files, bring B -ultrasound, social security card, ID card, hukou book, and marriage certificate.

Make an appointment bed

You can make an appointment from 11 weeks to 12 weeks to produce hospitals in the hospital. Like some large hospitals, you may not be able to make an appointment late, and go to the appointment as soon as possible.

Booking Moon or Confinement Center

If you plan to invite the moon at the time of the confinement, or go to the confinement center, it is generally determined half a year in advance. The good moon is scheduled in advance.

You can go to the local monthly housekeeping institutions and the confinement center to learn more, list your own needs in advance, and find the eligible moon -cricket or confinement center.

Pregnancy care

Moms must relax and maintain a good mood during pregnancy. Pay attention to diet during pregnancy. You must do some exercise appropriately during pregnancy. You can follow the mobile phone G to do Cagel, exercise the bottom muscles, enhance the motivation of childbirth, accelerate the production process, and accelerate the delivery.Preventing side cutting tears, reducing pain


There are still many maternal and infant supplies that are used in hospital production and postpartum. Sisters can list a good list in advance, buy them in seven or eight months of pregnancy, and wash them in advance.

The production package includes baby products and mothers’ supplies. At that time, there will be another detailed list about the production package.

Learn parenting knowledge

Novice parents want to learn some scientific parenting knowledge in advance. You can buy some professional parenting books. There are also many excellent parenting people on the Internet to share experiences. It is a good way of learning.

To ensure nutritional matching, a balanced diet is sufficient. There is no need to make up too much. In the first three months, you can ensure the supplement of folic acid. You can add DHA, calcium, iron, etc. to follow the doctor’s advice.

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