After confirming that pregnancy, what do you need to pay attention to about early pregnancy examination?Men and women must know

If most women suspect that they are pregnant, they will buy pregnancy test sticks at the first time, which is convenient and fast.However, the pregnancy test stick can only be measured signs of pregnancy, not necessarily 100 % accurate, and no abnormal pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy can not be ruled out, and the embryo development cannot be checked.Therefore, we also need to go to the hospital for an early pregnancy examination.

Early pregnancy examinations include a series of examinations such as gynecological peeping, leucorrhea examination, cervical scraping, gynecological trio examination, and ultrasonic examination.It is usually to understand whether the vulva, cervix are in a healthy state, and uterine and embryonic development.Another content is testing for blood, urine, and liver function, so as to early discover various diseases that affect pregnancy.

1. Blood HCG

Within 7 weeks of pregnancy, doctors usually look at the growth of blood HCG every 48 hours to judge the quality of the embryo. If the blood HCG can increase by more than 67%every 48 hours, the doctor will think it is normal.

If the growth is less than 67%, consider two factors:

1. The embryo is not bed in the uterus, that is, ectopic pregnancy.

2. The embryo bed is in the uterus, but the quality of the embryo itself is poor and there is a risk of abortion.

2. progesterone

For the mother who is pregnant naturally, when the early pregnancy is> 20ng/ml, the doctor will think that the development of the embryo is better; when <10ng/ml, there may be risk of ectopic pregnancy, embryonic dysplasia or abortion.

3, yolk sac

When the average diameter of the gestational sac is 5-6mm, the vaginal ultrasound can be found.When the yolk cylinder appears, it means that the intrauterine pregnancy can be confirmed.

Under normal circumstances, your ultrasonic report will see the central manifestations of the cocdium cycle as no echo, and the surrounding area is thick and uniform, and the boundary is clear.If the report on the report is abnormal, the embryo may be abnormal or dead, which needs to be paid attention.

4. fetal heart, fetal buds

About 40 days of pregnancy, the 0.5-1cm tire buds can be seen in ultrasound. The shape is like a hippocampus.In normal palace pregnancy, you can see the tire buds and fetal heart tube beating in about 6-7 weeks.If there is still no fetal buds and fetal hearts for more than 7 weeks, the possibility of stopping the development of the embryo should not be considered, but it does not rule out that the menstrual cycle is irregular or the ovulation is late, and the fertilized eggs are late.If this kind of situation occurs, doctors will recommend follow -up review.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the obstetricians were worried that the obstetricians developed the key development of early pregnancy through the key development of blood HCG, progesterone, yolk, fetal buds, and fetal hearts.

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