After childbirth, fear of cold body pain and replenish qi and blood eliminating pain

Professor Zhang Zhongde, Vice President of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Deputy Dean of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Text/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Lin Qingqing Correspondent Shen Zhong

Medical case Tingting, 27 years old, after induction of labor, afraid of cold body pain in January

The 27 -year -old Tingting was pregnant. It was not long after getting married. Unfortunately, just 4 months after pregnancy, I checked that I learned that the fetus was not developing well and had to induce labor.After induction of labor, Tingting was physically and mentally created and cried a few games.Although his mood was slowly dissolved, he left a lot of problems.In the spring of Guangzhou, the grass was flying, and Tingting was clearly staying in the warm room, but always felt like he was wearing sweaters, down jackets, and cotton hats.I felt painful, I have tried smoke -free moxibustion, moxa leaf feet, etc. have not improved significantly, so I had to stay at home all day without any fineness.The family took Tingting and found Uncle De.

Uncle De solves the weak and blood of qi and blood, and the cold and cold enters

Uncle De believes that Tingting suffers from confinement, which is also called "postpartum style".Although Tingting did not have an October pregnant, she also experienced the process of pregnancy and production.During pregnancy, a large amount of qi and blood in the body went down to the uterus to raise the fetus. The qi and blood in the articular and muscles of the human body was empty, and it was not enough to nourish.When I learned that the fetus was not developing well, the mood fluctuations caused liver qi stagnation and qi and blood stagnation, and there was no enough qi and blood to moisturize the joints and muscles of the limbs and muscles.When the induction of labor and childbirth, the bones and bones are open, and the physical energy consumption and bleeding will cause the body to be weaker. If they are a little careless, the wind and cold evil will invade the body, so Tingting will have cold and cold pain.Although Ai leaves have the effect of heating and blood, warm meridians, they cannot replenish the lost qi and blood, so Tingting’s symptoms have not been cured.Uncle De suggested that it is the key to replenish qi and blood during treatment, and appropriately use the quality of Wentong Meridian.After taking Chinese medicine for half a month, Tingting’s symptoms were significantly improved, and the symptoms of the wind and coldness, arthric pain, and other symptoms improved significantly. Finally, they could take off thick clothes, and her face was a lot ruddy.

Prevent health prevention and cold, sit well "confinement"

During the stunning season, the temperature rose, and the spring breeze was slightly brought.At this time, the liver qi is very important. Especially for postpartum women, you can choose to listen to music, spring tour, flower viewing, etc. suitable for you, so that the gas machine can be smooth and the viscera function is strong.Uncle De emphasized that it is particularly important for "postpartum wind" and "prevents first without disease".Maternal is susceptible to wind and cold invasion. Whenevers, windproof and cold should be placed first.In the stunning season of Guangzhou, although warm, the "wind is the length of all diseases", the windproof is more critical. When going out in the morning and night, you should put on a windbreaker.After childbirth, you must also sit well.You can use 30 grams of wormwood leaves, 20 grams of cinnamon branches, 30 grams of chicken blood vines, 20 grams of Epimedium, cooking for about 40 minutes, soak your feet before going to bed, and let go of the cold through the cold.

Uncle De Health Medicine Diet Room Danggui Astragalus Lamb Pot

Materials: 350 grams of mutton, 15 grams of angelica, 20 grams of astragalus, 30 grams of wolfberry, 3-4 red dates (de-nuclear), 3-4 slices of ginger, moderate salt.

Efficacy: Nourish qi and blood, warm menstruation, disperse cold and relieve pain.

Cooking method: Wash all the objects, cut the lamb, put it in boiling water and simmer in water; put the above ingredients into the pot, add 1750 ml of water, turn it in the fire for 1.5 hours after the Wuhuo boil, and place it in an appropriate amount of refined salt.This is 2-3 people.

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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