After breaking up, I found that I was pregnant, should I restore it?

If you find that you are pregnant after breaking up, should you restore your predecessor?

Although many women are facing such a situation, they will feel that for the children in the stomach, they should restore it, and then give their children a complete home.

But in fact, should you restore his predecessor, the most important thing is always worthy of being together, or do you still want to be with his predecessor?

Children are a small life and are very important, but for themselves, they will always be the most important. If they cannot make themselves happy, then they will sacrifice for the child.Essence

Therefore, if you find that you have a former child after breaking up, and then want to know if you should recover his ex -exorsion, then the first thing to consider is whether the former person is worthy of recovery, not to recover for the child.

If he deserves his own recovery, the reason for the previous breakup is also his own problem, then it should be for his own to save his predecessor, and at the same time, for the children, if he wants this baby, he wants this baby.

If the other party is not worthy of recovery, or he feels that the other party cannot be a good husband or a good father, then even if he recovers his ex -party back, it is estimated that it is just an extra existence.

Secondly, if you are going to restore your ex -party after you are pregnant, then this is a very risky thing. Because it is not necessarily successful, you must think about it.?

If you are just to save your predecessor, so keep this child, if you do n’t want to be unsuccessful, do n’t want this child, then this is very risky for yourself, because it takes time to recover, it may take one month, it may take half a year to half a year, it may take half a yearAnd the later you give up this child, the greater the damage to your body.

Of course, you can also simply inform your predecessor about your pregnancy, let his predecessor decide the child’s stay, or be willing to reunite.This method seems to be very relaxed and throw the responsibility to the other party, but in essence, it still needs to bear the consequences of the choice, so I recommend it to determine the direction of their own life.Children in.

If you are sure you are going to recover, and at the same time, you have done a good recovery failure, and a person’s plan to raise a child, then you need to pay attention to something in the process of recovery.

1. Do not use your child to kidnap each other.

The reason why you do n’t let you go again because of this child, otherwise you will like to divorce because you do n’t get along with you even because of this child.

If you want two people to go on for a long time, the most important thing is that the two of them can get along well.Therefore, when recovering, remember not to abduct morally, do not use children to hold each other, and so on.

2. Children can be a bridge for you to communicate.

The essence of the breakup is to solve the reason why the two people lead to a breakup, and to change their original image in the eyes of the other party.

Therefore, in the process of recovering, I can reveal the fact that I am pregnant, but it is not recommended that there is any request for the other party, just notify it.

After the notice, you can guide the other party to voluntarily do what you and your children are doing. At the same time, in the process of contact, you can solve the reasons for each other’s previous breakups, and re -establish each other’s trust and emotional foundation.

In the end, even if it is reunited, it is best to propose the other half, and the decision made by the other half will be more willing to bear this responsibility.If he is forced, then he may always have some unwillingness in his heart, and it is even more difficult for him to accept you and children from the heart.

In addition: If your predecessor is indeed unreliable, but because of his age or other reasons, you want to raise your child alone, but it is naturally difficult.Stress, but if you have confidence, it is also possible.

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Understand the author: Chen Xiaopeng (Emotional Counselor/Psychological Counselor)

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