After being raped by a 10 -year -old girl in the United States, she was rejected when applying for abortion

According to the British "Guardian", 10 -year -old girls in Ohio, USA, were pregnant and pregnant. The girl was forced to go to Indiana for an abortion surgery because the girl where the girl was in the state where the girl was located was prohibited from getting pregnant.The 10 -year -old girl’s application for abortion was rejected to trigger strong condemnation from the American people.

The Supreme Court of the United States has been introduced for three days when the US Supreme Court overthrowing the abortion rights. The "prohibition order" in Ohio has taken effect, and the girl’s encounter will push the dispute between abortion rights to a new climax.

Indianapolis Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr. Katelin Bernard said she received a call from a doctor of Ohio, who was responsible for treating abuse children.

Indiana has not banned abortion at present, but this month, the state will hold a special meeting or will officially prohibit abortion.

In Indiana, many clinics received the number of abortion patients rising sharply. They mostly rushed from the state next door because their state has launched a "banning order".

Bernard said, "We may not be able to help others in the next few weeks. This is simply incredible."

Christie Noim, the Governor of Republican Governor of South Dakota, pointed out that no one mentioned the moral rapist, and she didn’t understand it.

According to the laws of South Dakota, abortion is illegal. Unless pregnant women do not have abortion, they will be life -threatening, but incest and rape are not included.

Noim said that the Supreme Court has considered the occurrence of children’s rape and emphasized that "people should pay more attention to bad guys who hurt their children."

"Every life is precious. The occurrence of tragedy is shocking, but in South Dakota, abortion is still illegal, unless the mother has the worries of life." Noim said.But when asked if abortion could protect the girl’s life, Noim did not explain.

Jiupai News Intern reporter Liu Yating

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