After a woman was pregnant, her husband was suddenly cold to the woman, and the woman suspected that her husband was derailed. Please …

The truth for the restricted area: Woman suspects that her husband has an affair, but he did not want to be an affair, but he was his friend Jiahui.In addition, what shocked women was that her husband, she had a failed marriage with Belle.The man who learned about this was like a clear thunderbolt. At this time, she was full of resentment, but she didn’t know that the truth was not what she imagined.

Southern and District Jianben was a very loving couple, but after who knew that the man was pregnant, the District Jian’s attitude towards her plummeted. The man thought he had a woman outside, so he asked Detective Fei Xin to help investigate.On the other hand, the district learning that knows has no fertility, and also thinks that the man derailed with other men has children, and the two sides launched an investigation like this.

Until this day, Feixin accidentally learned from an obstetrician and gynecologist that when the district Jian was with his ex -wife Belle, he could not have childbirth because Belle’s fallopian tube was blocked.But this incident was only after the two of them divorced. She did not tell the district Jian, so District Jian always thought it was her own problem.To this day, the misunderstanding is finally lifted.But when Fei Xin was about to tell his partner, when Qiu Le, Qiu Le was wanted by the police for illegally selling guns.Fei Xin who learned about this was very puzzled. Qiu Le was a police officer, and he could never make such a mistake.Because of this, Fei Xin was convinced that Qiu Le must be framed.At the same time, the man on the other side also found Fei Xin. She told Fei Xin that the photos of Belle and District Jian were given her.

Hearing this, Fei Xin seemed to understand what, and he quickly contacted Police Li of the police station. Police Officer Li brought evidence of the so -called veteran to sell guns.Sure enough, everything is as expected by Fei Xin. The man in the photo is exactly the same as Qiu Le, but Fei Xin, who has been with Qiu Le for many years, knows that this person is not a real hatred.

After returning to the detective club, Fei Xin suddenly found that Qiu Le, who was being wanted by the police, just sat in. On the bar, he drank beer in his mouth, but his eyes were different from Qiu Le. People could change, but there was no way to change his personality.Ale does not drink alcohol at all, face recognition and positioning monitoring. These high -end technologies are either IT or hackers, that is, the partner of the Internet of Things jointly developed the Internet of Things that year.Your name is Xie Tianyou Tesla.Start, where is Ale now?

Xie Tianyou, who was seen at this moment, did not panic at all. He remembered that he escaped, but Feixin joined the drugs as early as the beer.Looking at Xie Tianyou, who was fainting on the ground, Fei Xin tied it and went to find revenge.Coincidentally, he met Qiu Xin who came to find Feixin’s account in the underground parking lot.At this time, the district mistakenly thought that Fei Xin was the lover of his wife’s south. He took out the pistol bought in the black market, but the gun hit the sudden rush.

It is strange that the bullets in the Qiu Le pistol are not true at all, and Qiu Le was not injured.Under the inquiries of Fei Xin, Qiu Xin explained that he was stunned and sent to the back door of a bullshop shop. The son was drunk by a group of underworld in the store in time, so he was out of danger.

At the same time, the opposite Qiu Le looked at Qiu Le on the ground and shouted Xie Tianyou’s name. He stayed in place, so he learned from Feixinkou that the baby girl born in the south of the south was her own daughter. As for,That gun is just a trap.Xie Tianyou swallowed the Korean gun, and he set up a game to seduce you to crimes. Fortunately, I caught him.

To this day, the misunderstanding is finally lifted, but Xie Tianyou is obviously not easy to mess with. At this time, he has already fled.District Jianben, who is good at IT, wants to restore Xie Tianyou’s information, but at this moment, Xie Tianyou posted a video: the man and daughter in the video were driving on a high -speed car.He also wanted the district to taste the pain he had suffered.

It turned out that District Jian and Xie Tianyou were friends and classmates who had nothing to talk about. The two developed the Internet of Things together, but later Xie Tianyou was slandered by the opponent.In order to preserve himself, District Jian did not testify in court.In this way, Xie Tianyou was imprisoned for five years, and his mother died of illness during the period.

Watching his wife and daughter in the video, District Jian’s despair roar: Feixin beside him gave him the car key.But when the district arrived, the red car had fallen from the viaduct.It was just that the district apparently underestimated a mother to protect the child’s courage, and he did not expect that the man would resolutely hug his daughter to choose a jump.He was full of injuries, but his daughter was still safe.At the end of the film, the police successfully arrested Xie Tianyou with the help of Fei Xin.

The misunderstanding between the south and the district learned, and the lives of the two finally returned to peace. As for Fei Xin and Qiu Le, they were still obsessed with justice.It turns out that whether it is between husband and wife or friends and brothers, the most important thing is trust. Only by trusting each other in time can we avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and less detours.

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