After a second -married woman divorced, she found twins with twins for remarry, and her ex -husband proposed that women must have a gift.

Ms. Shi from Huai’an, Jiangsu, found her pregnancy after three years of marriage.Going to the hospital for examination turned out to be a pair of twins.She wanted to kill her child, but the doctor told Ms. Shi that due to her physical reasons, if the child was killed again, she may not be able to conceive the child anymore in the future.Ms. Shi found Mr. Zhou, hoping to give her children a complete home.Mr. Zhou proposed two conditions, but these two conditions were unacceptable to Ms. Shi.

Ms. Shi and Mr. Zhou met when they were working in Jiangsu. At that time, two people rented a house.As a roommate, Ms. Shi was very good at Mr. Zhou in life.

According to the memories of the two, in this emotional life, they are very satisfied with each other.Ms. Shi was very concerned about Mr. Zhou. The clothes and shoes on Mr. Zhou were all picked by Ms. Shi. Mr. Zhou had never bought it by herself.Mr. Zhou also cares about Ms. Shi.Ms. Shi once had a marriage and had a child around her, but none of them could not stop the two from going together.

But happy marriage is always similar, but unfortunate marriage has its own unfortunate. After the two people get married, their lives are not as happy as they thought.

When they fell in love, they announced their deposits. Ms. Shi had more than 500,000 and Mr. Zhou had more than 200,000.At that time, the two discussed with this part of money as the common expenditure of life after marriage, but in fact, in fact, in addition to paying the down payment of the house when buying a house, Ms. Shi saved her money.The expenses were borne by Mr. Zhou, and all the money in the family was kept by Ms. Shi.Regardless of the monthly installation of the house, or the restaurants that two people opened together, Mr. Zhou was responsible.To some extent, Mr. Zhou felt deceived.

After the two got married, Ms. Shi became pregnant several times, but somehow did not know why the children were unhealthy, and even had no heartbeat at all. They could only choose to kill.

Later, Ms. Shi became pregnant again. When Mr. Zhou heard the child’s strong heartbeat, he was almost crazy.But after that, Ms. Shi even had a call from Mr. Zhou and did not answer her. She thought that Mr. Zhou was immature and was not ready to be a father. She insisted on killing her children.

This caused great harm to Mr. Zhou. He once felt that Ms. Shi had had a child because he had long had a child and did not want to have a child for him, so he did it.Therefore, the relationship between the couple slowly faded, and Mr. Zhou became more and more indifferent to his wife.

The other is a personality problem.Ms. Shi performed very strongly in her life. The two had contradictions or quarrels. Ms. Shi never felt that she was reasonable and never bowed her head.After satisfaction, he was willing to stop.This made Mr. Zhou, who had an introverted personality, became more and more silent, and began to transfer his feelings to the Internet.

Mr. Zhou talked about a girlfriend on the Internet.Although the two had never met, Mr. Zhou felt that he had found true love.Ms. Shi quickly discovered that the two quarreled for this and divorced. The house’s car deposits were all classified as Ms. Shi.

Now Ms. Shi found that she was pregnant with her twins, and she told Mr. Zhou as soon as possible.Mr. Zhou was very happy to learn that Ms. Shi’s pregnancy was also very happy, and immediately broke the relationship with the female netizen.But when Ms. Shi made a demand for remarriage, Mr. Zhou put forward two conditions:

First, children must be healthy.

Second, Ms. Shi needs to buy a car first and serve as Mr. Zhou’s pre -marital property.

The two conditions proposed by Mr. Zhou were a little dazzling.The hospital’s examination results are healthy now, but in October, who can guarantee that no accident happened before the child was born?How can Ms. Shi guarantee it?In modern society, when I saw too much, I also heard that the men and women married the men and women. The two people remarried to let the woman buy a car first, but I heard it for the first time.

For Ms. Shi, she can understand the health of the child’s health, but she can’t accept the buying car.Is the car more important than the relationship between the two people and the two children?If this is the case, the relationship between the two people in the future is wrong, and where should she and the child be placed?

After the video was broadcast, netizens almost accused Mr. Zhou, who thought that Mr. Zhou was a scumbag and a soft rice man. What is the use of such a man to remarry?It is even suggested that Ms. Shi just gave birth to her children and could not remarry with him.

But in fact, if you think about this problem carefully, Mr. Zhou’s requirements are not unreasonable.

When the two were married, Mr. Zhou not only accepted Ms. Shi, but also accepted Ms. Shi’s children.But what did Mr. Zhou get in three years of marriage?

The deposit before marriage was gone, and the results of hard work for the three years after marriage were gone. Finally, he was able to conceive a healthy child, and it was also killed under the stubborn wife.Only the case of his wife’s fetal fetus multiple times was left.

Now that two people can come together again, whether Mr. Zhou or Ms. Shi, in fact, because of the children in the belly, as for the relationship between the two, the first time, the second must have something to do to slowCultivate slowly.

When the two were not divorced, Mr. Zhou had proposed to change a car, but was rejected by his wife. Now Mr. Zhou’s demand for buying a car is not to meet a wish at that time.

Faced with the conditions proposed by Mr. Zhou, Ms. Shi’s struggle and resistance showed that she did not realize the marriage of the two, why she finally reached the current situation.

For the child, Mr. Zhou said that he would be responsible, that is, even if he and Ms. Shi could not remarry, he would assume the responsibility of being a father, but Mr. Zhou was not so determined to the marriage prospects of the two.

I think Mr. Zhou’s performance is the common sense of people. Those so -called accusing him of being a scum man soft rice man is actually just standing at the high point of morality. If it is placed on him, it may be far from that Mr. Zhou’s performance is better.Essence

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