After 95, pregnant women are still working for two hours a day in September: I only gain 15 pounds.

Recently, Ms. Wang, Yueyang, Hunan, posted some videos that insisted on fitness in social media, which attracted attention.

Ordinary fitness videos could not be attractive, but Ms. Wang’s identity was very special. She was a pregnant mother who was 37 weeks pregnant. Therefore, she made many netizens curious how she was pregnant and insisted on exercising.

Ms. Wang is doing squat exercise.Figure/Ms. Wang Social Media

After receiving attention, Ms. Wang’s fitness videos appeared on multiple platforms of hot lists, causing heated discussions.

Some netizens do not understand this behavior, "Is it so high -intensity exercise when pregnancy, does it really have no effect on the fetus?" Some people think that "do not oppose exercise during pregnancy, but you still have to follow your own situation.reject".

In response to these disputes, Ms. Wang told Jiupai News that she was a fitness coach, had a foundation for exercise, and chose to exercise during pregnancy. It was responsible for herself. This would also help to produce by herself.

From the beginning of pregnancy to the present, she has only gained about 15 pounds.

It is understood that Ms. Wang’s main business is makeup artists, and fitness coaches are just sideline.

She has been in contact with fitness since 2017, and the purpose of fitness is to lose weight.It has been 6 years since the beginning of fitness to now, and has also opened a fitness studio.

"Because I am a coach, I have the habit of maintaining exercise for a long time, so I do n’t delay my own training during pregnancy. I am a professional, and my family does not hinder me to exercise." Ms. Wang said.

Compared with before pregnancy, she has made appropriate adjustments to the intensity of her exercise.

As for her family, Ms. Wang said that her husband was unconditionally supported by the whole process and also trusted her professionalism as a fitness coach.

Until now, Ms. Wang, who insisted on the iron, felt that her body had no discomfort, and there were no symptoms such as pubic pain, edema hands and feet, etc. "I have always been very pleasant, so I also avoid prenatal depression."

At the same time, she does not recommend other pregnant mothers to imitate herself. "If a person who never exercises, want to exercise during pregnancy, it is resolute."

She believes that in addition to professionals, friends who want to exercise during pregnancy must have the habit of exercising for a long time and a good physical fitness before pregnancy. People with a basic exercise must have professional coaches during pregnancy.Essence

Jiupai News Internship Reporter Zhai Kun

【Source: Nine Pai News】

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