After 6 examinations, I was pregnant, and the babies born are healthy!Don’t think of trouble

Pre -pregnancy examination is the prerequisite for eugenics and preferences. Some diseases that have been excreted in time and can also bred healthy and cute babies. When the hereditary diseases of metabolic diseases and internal medical diseases occur, try not to get pregnant.

1. Examination of uterine infection

When a female uterus is infected, it will affect the normal growth and development of the fetus. The most common pathogens mainly include bowworms, herpes zosteriopus viruses, giant cytosyolic virus, and rubella virus.Regardless of whether, any pathogen will be infected with the fetus, leading to malformations, abortion and dead tires.As long as patients with virus do not get pregnant before pregnancy, they must be more than 12 weeks. After infection or infectious, they must be pregnant.

2. Blood routine examination

You can see if there is any diseases such as leukemia, anemia, and thrombocytopenia. Once a problem is found, it is necessary to treat it in a timely manner. Under the guidance of a doctor, you are pregnant today.

3. Liver and kidney function and hepatitis B virus examination

Only the liver and kidney function are in a normal state can the process of pregnancy.If the mother suffers from viral hepatitis and is not found in time, it may cause premature birth or newborn death.Hepatitis virus can be directly transmitted to the fetus.As long as the liver function is abnormal or the big Sanyang before pregnancy, it should be suspended to avoid pregnancy and actively treat it.If you suffer from hepatitis B and Sanyang, you should further do the DNA of hepatitis B virus to see if there is any contagious. Only hepatitis B DNA can get pregnant if you detect negativeness.During pregnancy and within 24 hours of birth, hepatitis B high -efficiency immunoglobulin should be injected in time to prevent hepatitis B virus.

4. Inspection of sexually transmitted diseases

When preparing for pregnancy, you should check AIDS and syphilis, and you must check it. Just in case, the risk of AIDS is getting higher and higher now, so as to be vigilant, so as not to affect the health of the fetus.

5. Check the chest and ECG

You can see if you have suffering from lung diseases such as tuberculosis. For patients with tuberculosis, you can get pregnant after the cure of patients with tuberculosis. Electric diagrams can see if patients have myocardial ischemia and abnormal heart rate.

6. Gynecological disease

development.Try not to conceive when pathogen infection occurs and actively treat it.If you suffer from moldy or trichomonas vaginitis before pregnancy, you should be completely cured and then pregnant. In addition, you need to do a B -ultrasound before pregnancy to see the attachments and the environment in the uterus.

Kind tips

Before preparing for pregnancy, you should supplement folic acid for the body. This can prevent the fetus from malformation. Learn to release your own pressure and avoid too much psychological burden.

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