After 5 years of love, I was pregnant and prepared to get married. The 60,000 color gift was suspected by the man’s family.

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When my cousin was engaged, I planned to marry after a year and a half. Who expected that the cousin found that she was pregnant, and the families of both sides discussed the wedding in advance.

Originally, the good gift was 66,000. The man learned that the cousin sent 100,000 yuan immediately after pregnancy, and discussed the wedding day, saying that it was a good thing for Shuangxi.Then the two of them started preparing for the marriage. The cousin’s wedding did not have the slightest grievances and generals because of unexpected pregnancy.It’s very comfortable.

Speaking of the cousin, the family says that the cousin is a blessed person. When you look at the man’s approach, the man’s family knows that his in -laws are the reasonable people.

Seeing the cousin’s experience, I remembered one of my colleagues. My colleague talked with her boyfriend for five years. Who knew that suddenly he was pregnant and was about to discuss marriage.Cai Li, the number of Cai Li here is the most basic level.However, the man’s family had a lot of family members, saying that the colleague’s lion opened his mouth, and he also said that his colleagues were pregnant. What kind of gift was needed?

Later, colleagues hit the child and proposed to break up with the man.I heard that the boy did not find his girlfriend, and his family regretted it.Although colleagues are very courageous, stop loss in time, avoiding the grievances and disadvantages after marriage.But killing children also cause irreversible damage to colleagues and minds.

The great happy events that were originally happy, because the man’s unclear and short eyes became a tragedy.After 5 years of love, the girl was pregnant, and she was disliked to the man’s 60,000 gifts.

Cai Li is right in the door, the consistent family of three views is the icing on the cake

The custom of Cai Li has passed down for so many years, although today’s society has caused great controversy.But I think it has its truth.Girls will know when they have experienced pregnancy and give birth to children. Cai Li is the guarantee and attention to the woman. A few years before the birth of a child to give birth to a child, the colorful gift and dowry may be the last reliance and retreat, and the only themselves.What you can have.

If the man really values this girl, there is a basic guarantee for the girl, and it will give the girl appropriate gifts within the scope of ability.It will not be suppressed because girls are pregnant, they will only feel that pregnancy is a good thing, and there are more places to spend money after pregnancy, and they will take the initiative to express their sincerity.Cai Li is right in the door, and the consistent family of three views is the icing on the cake, and there will be no discomfort because of Cai Li.

It is best not to get pregnant first

Although my cousin is lucky, the mother -in -law did not look down on her because of unmarried, and gave her decentness and respect, but not all girls were lucky.Such an encounter.

Although unmarried pregnancy can verify the three views of the man’s family and live, the price is often too big, and girls should not bet easily.

Girls are best not to get pregnant first, fall in love, see parents, engagement, get married, prepare for pregnancy, pregnant, have children, follow the correct process, and don’t let yourself be passive.

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