After 23 weeks, the pregnant mothers encountered acute pulmonary embolism in vitro circulation and were rescued

Ms. Wang (pseudonym) at 36 -year -old was 23 weeks of pregnancy, and felt her chest was stuffy and breathless. After examination, she found that she was an acute heart and pulmonary thrombosis in the local hospital!This disease has an urgent onset and a high mortality rate, and the condition is very critical.

After referring to the third hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University/Guangzhou severe maternal cure center, multi -disciplinary experts will consult and carefully formulate a treatment plan.The pulmonary arteries are surgery. After surgery, Ms. Wang’s life signs are stable. What is even more gratifying is that the fetal condition is good and can continue pregnancy.At present, Ms. Wang has been discharged from the hospital on February 10.

Liu Shenghua team surgery in the third hospital of Guangyi

Inside the heart and pulmonary arteries have thrombosis, pregnant mothers hang a line

In August last year, Ms. Wang, 36, found that she was pregnant. She was already a pregnant woman. She knew that it was not easy for this baby to come. The subsequent production inspection reminded that the baby grew very healthily in her mother.middle.

In January 2023, Ms. Wang was infected with the new coronary virus. Although she survived the infection’s various discomforts, the symptoms such as chest tightness and shortness of breath did not alleviate.

"I suddenly felt that my chest tightness was worse, and I even had a sense of dying!" On January 18th, Ms. Wang felt that the symptoms of my chest were stuffy and breathless, and the family quickly sent it to the local hospital.

The CT of the color Doppler ultrasound and pulmonary vascular shows that Ms. Wang has embolism on both sides of the pulmonary artery and is almost completely blocked by the trunk of the left pulmonary arteries.It is acute pulmonary embolism and right ventricular thrombosis.

Local hospitals have initiated emergency anticoagulant and thrombolytic treatment, but the thrombolysis effect is limited, and indoor indoor and pulmonary thrombosis have not been significantly reduced.If the thrombosis in the ventricle is unimaginable once it falls off.

The thrombolytic effect is not ideal, only surgery can be surgery

"Simply speaking, acute pulmonary embolism is thrombosis, fat or gas. As the blood flows to the pulmonary arteries, it blocked it, causing acute hypoxia, shock and even death. The incidence of acute pulmonary embolism is second only to coronary heart disease and hypertension.The mortality rate is extremely high, and it is easy to miss and misdiagnose. "

Liu Shenghua, Deputy Chief Physician of the Cardiosia Surgery of the Third Hospital of Guangyi, explained that acute pulmonary embolism is common in people with pregnancy, malignant tumors, infections, trauma, etc. patients usually experience symptoms such as dyspnea, severe chest pain, hemoptysis, and fever.Pulmonary artery CT Seeing pulmonary artery embolism is a golden indicator diagnosed with acute pulmonary embolism.In terms of treatment, anti -blood coagulation and dissolving thrombosis are mainly used. When this method is difficult to work, you must choose intervention or surgical treatment.

At the suggestion of the local hospital, on January 29, Ms. Wang was referred to the third hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University/Guangzhou Severe Pregnant Maternal Maternal Capture Center for treatment.

"The patient had no special medical history before, but because pregnant women are in a high -coordinated state, that is, blood is more likely to solidify and form thrombosis. Coupled with new crown infection factors, thrombosis has a greater risk." Liu Shenghua judged.

After consulting Ms. Wang and understanding her situation, the hospital immediately organized a multidisciplinary consultation of obstetrics, cardiac surgeons, vascular surgery, and intensive medical medicine. After detailed research discussions, the experts finally agreed that although the mother did the heart of the in vitro circulation in vitro circulationThe risk of stopping the thrombus is high, and the fetus is likely to face abortion risk, but the effect of acute pulmonary embolism of acute pulmonary embolism is not satisfactory, the thrombosis is too large, and the blood vessels are almost completely blocked.Treatment is the only last chance to save mothers and fetuses.

Bao Da also has to be small!In vitro circulation, maternal heart stop jumping, difficult to perform high difficulty surgery

Although the surgical plan is formulated, the surgery requires the heart to stop the heart of the mother’s heart for 2-6 hours. This is a great sign for the fetus.The difficulty and risk of surgery are self -evident.

"Patients with pulmonary thrombosis completely blocked the left pulmonary arteries, and large pieces of thrombus in the heart may fall off at any time. Internal thrombosis falling will cause the right pulmonary artery.It is necessary to save the pregnant mother and protect the fetus. This is the goal that the cure team wants to achieve.

After the preparation preparation, Ms. Wang was sent to the operating table on February 1.At the beginning of the operation, Dr. Liu Shenghua led the surgery team to establish an in vitro circulation, and then the heart stopped and opened the heart and opened the heart and pulmonary artery.

As the heart stops and jumps into the heart, the heart stops beating. After opening the heart, the surgical team is hanging. Although the thrombus is adhered to the surface of the heart, it may fall off at any time.

"The shorter the heart stopping time, the smaller the damage to the pregnant woman and the higher the survival rate of the fetus after surgery, so once the heart is stopped, it is not allowed to procrastinates and mistakes."The thrombus in the heart was taken down, and the thrombosis was 4cm long!

Subsequently, Liu Shenghua found the gathering of left pulmonary thrombosis. Because the diameter of the pulmonary arteries was only less than 3 cm and almost filled with thrombosis, the operational space was very limited, and the thrombus was more difficult!With Liu Shenghua’s fine operation and the close cooperation of the entire team, after a tense 20 minutes, all the thrombus in the pulmonary artery was "dug"!

During the five -hour surgery, the whole heart stopped was only less than one and a half hours, which greatly protected the maternal and fetal.

After the operation, Ms. Wang returned to the intensive care unit for follow -up treatment and care. The second day after the operation, due to the stable signs of life, Ms. Wang successfully returned to the general ward.Seeing pulmonary arterial arterial thrombosis in review has completely cleared.What is even more surprising is that after detailed examination, Ms. Wang’s abdomen is normal!On February 10, Ms. Wang will be discharged from the hospital.

"Thank you Director Liu, and thank you for your second life for me and my baby!" When he was discharged, Ms. Wang tightly held Dr. Liu Shenghua’s hand.

Caiwan: Nandu reporter Li Wen correspondent Zheng Xing Wang Hui

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