After "the same room", if the two parts of the woman are painful, it is likely to be pregnant

In many young people now, infertility will always occur in different causes. Sometimes I see that others are pregnant very lightly. When they say that they are pregnant, they are pregnant.It may still not be successful for a long time. In the long run, it will inevitably lead to great pressure.

There used to be such a couple, and I have been working hard to build a baby after marriage, but I have not ushered in good news for nearly two years. Even my father -in -law began to worry, so the couple decided to make up for her honeymoonAt the same time, you can also relax.

In the process of traveling, there is no pressure to work and the tedious life. The couple have a happy two -person world. After returning, the wife often feels a faint tenderness in the breast and lower abdomen.After I went to the hospital for examination, I learned that I was pregnant.

Therefore, the prospective father of the baby must adjust his body and psychological state in advance, so as to help better get pregnant.

1. Breast pain

This is actually one of the signs of early pregnancy, because the improvement of the hormone level of the body will cause the breast to be more sensitive, and some of the physiological periods of this pain and pain will feel a bit similar, and it may not attract people’s attention. IfAbout 20 days after the same room, the breasts feel painful, then it may be pregnant.

Second, lower abdomen falling pain

Generally, in the early stages of pregnancy, the lower abdomen will have a slight swelling. This feeling is similar to that we usually leave for leave, and there may be a small amount of bleeding, which will generally disappear by itself.

1. No example

The absence of the aunt is a major symbol of pregnancy. If the aunt did not arrive when the holiday was in the same room after the same room, then congratulations on you are likely to be pregnant.

2. Lares on the body

For a certain period of time, the body feels particularly tired and sleepy, and there is no spiritual thing. At this time, it may be one of the signs of pregnancy.

3. Vomiting

This is also a obvious symptom during pregnancy, especially after a week or two after the same room, it is usually the most obvious when getting up in the morning.

For pregnancy

Some mothers are particularly sensitive to a certain odor or food during pregnancy, so as to produce pregnancy vomiting. When you want to vomit, you can choose to lie down. This can be effectively relieved. At the same timeMeals, this can reduce the occurrence of pregnancy vomiting as much as possible.Sleep problem

Because changes in hormones in the body may affect the sleep of mothers, thereby insomnia.Generally speaking, doctors suggest that expectant mothers use the sleeping position on the left during pregnancy, which will help themselves and their baby’s health, and will also make the body in a more comfortable state.

You can also use a pillow under your stomach, between your legs, etc. to find the most comfortable angle. At the same time, the most important thing is that the expectant mothers should not have too much psychological burden, and maintain a pleasant mood to relieve sleep.

If you have the above situations, then congratulations, it is likely that you are pregnant. Of course, if you still do n’t worry, you can use the test strip to test it.Good news tells relatives and friends.

And if you are in the stages of pregnancy, you must pay more attention to your physical changes, especially if you add more rest and adjust your diet, and do not eat irritating food, so that you can have a healthy body, so as to be pregnant with your baby smoothly.Essence

What are your performance in the early stages of pregnancy?Welcome to share with the editor in the comment area below.

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