Adults are adults unsuccessful!What kind of way does there be no worries?

Xiao Liu was lying on the cold operating table, the sound of the operating knife was in the ear, and the lights on the head were dazzling.

Although the outdoor high temperature was approaching 40 ° C, her heart was ice to zero.Xiao Liu always couldn’t forget that when he showed his two bars with two bars to show his boyfriend, he thought the sentence "Get Marriage" became "beaten".

What you think is the crystallization of the so -called love, but in his that is the burden of avoiding it!"Surprise" is just a failure for men, and it is just a woman who pays for this.

According to incomplete statistics, there are 75 million cases in the world an accidental pregnancy, and there are about 53 million cases that end up with the public.The data may be higher), this number is almost a quarter of the total number of people in the world, ranking first in the world.Among them, the youngest flow is 13 years old.

He said

He said, "I just stunned, I don’t go in …"

He said, "I will go in a little will never move …"

He said, "I just move one or twice, never she …"

The actual situation is just the opposite. Women must not be confused by the sweet words of the big pig’s hoof.Although contraceptives are the responsibility of men, women are inevitable.Since the status quo cannot be changed and it is particularly important to avoid accidents.

The banned fruit is like a pill wrapped in sugar and coat. After the sweetness passes, the bitterness comes.An unexpected early pregnancy -positive test list made the sweet taste disappear instantly, and quickly pulled people back from the love of love to real life.If you are not prepared by your parents, don’t let innocent life pay for your mistakes -contraception, starting from now!

In the traditional sense, contraceptive methods mainly include safe contraception, in vitro ejaculation, oral emergency contraceptives, condoms, etc.

Fine contraceptive method

Among them

The unexpected pregnancy rate in vitro is 27%.

The failure rate of emergency contraceptives afterwards is about 30%.

In contrast, condoms are a more reliable way, but due to improper unexpected pregnancy rates due to the use of implants.

Although condoms are "contraceptive artifacts", many people say that the quality of sexual life has been greatly reduced; although contraceptives can also be avoided, long -term use of women’s body will have a bad impact on all aspects of women’s body.

Is there a perfect contraceptive method for men without having to take a cover?IntersectionGerman contraceptive treasures meet your desire to make love without gap and make contact with more intimate contact. Do not take medicine, ring, ligrent, without sets, the accuracy rate of contraceptives is as high as 99.5%.

The German contraceptive treasure is a new type of contraception in the new era.It is a smart menstrual cycle device with the size of the palm of the palm. According to the basic body temperature measured by women when waking up in the morning, it accurately analyzes women’s ovulation time, pregnancy, and infertility. It is used to assist women’s natural contraception.


Scientific principles

Safety is the last word

Customer praise

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Offline physical store opening

Now the German cycle treasure also opened an offline physical store in Hefei. It is located at the 1 -floor 113 shop in the south gate of the southern gate of Baohe District, Baohe District, Baohe District, Hefei

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The concept of modern people is becoming increasingly open, but everyone talks about sexual changes.I always feel that it is particularly difficult to open.Some graceful girls did not dare to ask their family to accompany surgery when they were pregnant, which means that the work of contraceptives needs to be popularized.

Women remember, love themselves, start with contraception.Not only responsible for yourself, but also responsible for the upcoming little life!

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