Add flavoring medicine in the feet, and the effect of driving the cold is better

There is a saying in the folk: wash your feet in spring, lift up the sun; wash your feet in the summer, and get rid of summer dampness; wash your feet in autumn, lungs your intestines;

Zheng Yanhua, deputy director of the Chinese Medicine Department of Panyu District, Affiliated to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, introduced that there are basically two ways to soak their feet: soak their feet with hot water and soak their feet.Hot water soaking feet can also play a health role in accelerating blood circulation, ventilation, and relaxing sleep.The feet look simple, but they are very knowledgeable.

Different medicinal materials for soaking your feet with different medicinal materials

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment, and the feet used in the treatment of diseases will generally have more flavors to achieve the purpose of eliminating diseases and eliminating evils. It is best to use the doctor’s prescription. It is not recommended to blindly follow the trend to buy net red products.For ordinary people’s daily health care, it is best to soak the feet, which is also the most conducive to persistence.She suggested that the following flavor can be added to the soaking feet water, which will have an unexpected effect–

1. Ai leaf

It is especially suitable for people with yang deficiency.

Take 30-50 grams of dry Ai leaf (according to the amount of water, there is no strict standard), first boil it with water, add cold water or soak the feet after the temperature is reduced.EssencePeople who are easy to get angry or people who are easy to dry after soaking their feet, it is best not to soak their feet with Ai leaf every day, just two or three times a week.

2. Ginger

If the external feeling is cold, afraid of cold and cold, and the muscles of the whole body, then a large piece of ginger, flat or sliced with a knife, add a spoonful of salt to boil and soak your feet, soak for another 20 minutes.comfortable.The premise is that it is best to have a high fever or tiring situation.

3. Pepper

Pepper -soaked feet can drive wet and cold, and relieve pain in warmth. For example, when the stomach is cold, when you feel flatulence in your belly, or when you have abdominal pain and diarrhea, you can use a small group of pepper to cook water to soak your feet to help remove the cold in the body.Anti -pain and diarrhea.

4. angelica

They are all traditional Chinese medicines with blood circulation. Take 15-20 grams when soaking their feet, cook with a casserole, and remove the fried medicinal solids into the barrel, and then add hot water.Crowd.

Pay attention to the details of your feet

Time: It is best to rest for an hour after dinner. It is advisable to be at 19-21 or two hours before bedtime.The longer the feet time is not as good as possible. Generally speaking, the foot soaking time is 20-25 minutes, or it feels a little trendy when the back feels, or the forehead is sweaty, even if it is fine.

The temperature of soaking feet: The temperature of soaking the feet is preferably at 40-45 ° C. People with more cocoons on the feet. The water temperature can be a little higher than that of the child’s skin, and the water temperature should be lower.For the sake of insurance, the temperature meter can measure the water temperature.Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease should pay more attention. If you feel chest tightness and dizziness when soaking your feet, he should stop soaking your feet immediately.Since it is soaking your feet, it is necessary to reflect the word "bubble".The "bubble" is reflected here that more water is needed and the calories are enough.When soaking your feet, it is best to use a bucket. The height of the water surface must be at least 1/3 of the calf.You can cover the barrel surface with a bath towel, which can not only achieve the purpose of maintaining water temperature, but also put the knee joint in the barrel to improve the knee temperature.

These people are not suitable for soaking feet

Zheng Yanhua reminded that she should be used to soak their feet when she is pregnant, high fever, acute infectious diseases, gout seizures, new damage to the skin, and suspending traditional Chinese medicine when wounds.

For patients with venous tension and venous thrombosis, feet are harmless and have no benefit.

In addition, some patients with diabetes, such as some patients with neuros lesions, can be manifested as the legs and feet feel cold.Therefore, soaking feet in hot water can easily become a comfortable choice.Once there is a neuropathy, the patient’s feeling of feedback mechanism for pain and water temperature has failed.Patients often heat water, even if they are severely burned, they do not know.The problems faced by patients with ischemic diabetes foot are similar to the arterial occlusion disease mentioned above.(Yu Yanhong Xu Yongyi)

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