A woman in the United States after her pregnancy, she found that she had a rare disease after six years after she was pregnant

According to the British "Sun", after a woman in the United States first pregnant, the birthmark on her face began to grow from the face, and her skin would swell, crack, and even missed the unpleasant secretions.Touch it.The mother’s name is Jordan Lopez, who was finally diagnosed with a mole cortex gland syndrome. This is a rare genetic disease that is manifested as a birthmark. It only expands when the hormonal changes.Jordan said: "Everything has become worse after pregnancy. I noticed that the birthmark on my face began to swell, cracks, and leaks, and the taste was difficult to smell. I don’t know why this is like this."

Jordan, from Dallas, Texas, was only 18 years old when she was pregnant for the first time. Over time, she found that the young birthmark was spread at an amazing speed.After childbirth, the birthmark began to exudes liquid, then fell off, and then grew again and again.Jordan went to see the doctor, but she spent six years, and after a few pregnancy, she found out the problem.

She said: "One day, I accidentally grabbed a large piece from the birthmark. I ran to the emergency room panickedly, hoping that the doctor could help me, but the doctor had no clue.Dare not check. "Jordan’s condition became more and more serious, and she thought she could not live like a normal person.She said: "It keeps growing, so no matter how much it hurts and how much blood flows, I kept pulling it down. I found that many fragments are connected to the nerves, so I can’t pull it all.Go down. "

For many years, Jordan has endured "severe" headaches and itching almost every day, and now she finally removed this harmless be creature.Jordan is already the mother of four children. Her entire adult life has suffered great torture in spiritual and physical. She said: "I have been trying to cover the birthmark with hair, because I think only I look like this can I look like this.Normally. I have thought that many children will not think of things, such as’ My parents will not want me anymore, can I have my own family? ".

Jordan wants to pass on some positive faith to everyone who is encountering unfortunately.She said: "My mission is to help those who have rare diseases, as well as facial or physical defects, and help them learn to accept themselves. I have seen many negative comments and many people will deliberately bully me, but there are many positive positive positive positivesThe sound of these is more important. "(Compiled by China Youth Network)

Source: China Youth Network

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