A woman in a woman in Zhejiang was pregnant with a lover, and her legs were not taken care of in the hospital. The live video was exposed

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The Zhejiang women who are concerned about 16,000 people are pregnant with others.

On October 28, the voice of Hebi reported that the moment was silent, the woman was pregnant with someone else, her legs were hospitalized, and her in -laws and her family didn’t care. The photographer said the truth.

The woman caused a discussion among netizens because she was not virtuous. She can be said to have her own experience.

Some people say that falling in love is different from getting married. Falling in love is a matter of two people, and marriage is a matter of two families. Once a major change occurs, the relationship will be broken.

The photographer photographed the woman’s hospitalization. After the exposure, someone was constantly discussed. She was lying on the bed and facing the advice of several women. Is she ashamed?

In the video, the woman was playing with her mobile phone on the hospital bed, and the clothes on the side were thrown on the ground. They just wanted to find a wonderful online world.

The breaking news pointed out that "the woman is a child of a man outside her husband, so no one cares about her, and jumping off the building will cause a fracture."

When people are most injured, they need their families to be accompanied most, and the derailment behavior of the woman makes her husband faceless and take care of it. The maid’s family is also shameful, and she can only lie on the bedside bed by the aisle.

Did the woman admit it wrong?

No, in the video, a kind person helped her to clean up the things on the bed, and was driven by her splashing water, and was complained by others abandoned.

After the video was exposed, tens of thousands of netizens participated in the discussion and believed that women were sinful, and adults should be responsible for their actions.

Netizens from Sichuan pointed out, "Praise this for the practice of the mother’s family is tutor!"

The other netizens from Fujian said: "If you are chaotic outside, your husband does not hit me, and my father and my mother will hit me."

In general, the derailment side is to choose moral condemnation. Among the provisions of the Civil Code, only the wrong party can only be required to compensate for compensation, which is a condition that allows the two parties to divorce.

The nature of emotional derailment and marriage derailment is different. The former can be resolved, and the latter involves the division of family property. In terms of social principles that emphasize the one -wife and one -husband system, the woman has touched the bottom line of morality.

There is no criminal punishment for marriage derailment, but it is often accused by the public morally. On the highest frequency of the Internet, derailment is the most disputed.

Among the disputes of extramarital affairs, there are often problems that are not partners, but their own problems.

Marriage without responsibility, sooner or later, will fall into emotional disputes because of someone’s intervening, pay a painful price.

The reason why the Zhejiang woman was disgusted by her in -laws and her mother’s family was because she chose to trust the sweet words of others, developed into an unfair relationship, and she was pregnant with a lover.

Netizens’ accusations were only exposed to the problem, and the consequences still had to bear her.

At this time, the third party that made her heart did not appear, and she could only bear the responsibility of destroying her family relationship alone.

A psychological counselor once said: "If you are always unhappy in a marriage, you always feel wronged, and you feel that you are very depressed with that person. If you have a long time, the probability is that the other party does not care about you at all."

When you do n’t feel the attention of others, the only thing that makes you feel security is the care of others. This is the submarine that is buried in extramarital affairs. All of them want to get special care.

But everyone should be clear. The partner is just a choice of life, not the source of all emotions. Finding the lack of security on others will eventually only get unfortunate.

The woman used her behavior to prove this, and she could not accept the status quo. She could only vent the anger above strangers.

Earlier in China, a well -known social researcher Li Yinhe made a random sampling survey in Beijing in 1989. The sample acknowledged 6.4%of those who had extramarital affairs, which was a relatively general data.

The more accurate is a research report on the infidelity of the Chinese from the Chinese University of Renmin University and the University of Chicago, the University of Chicago, in 2012, which pointed out that the derailment rate of Chinese women is about 4.2%, which is much higher than the global average derailment.Leversion is ranked fourth in the world.

The children who are pregnant with others, have no one to take care of their legs in the hospital. This Zhejiang woman uses her life experience before and after her life experience to remind people who have problems with the marriage relationship.Everything is lost.

In a word: For those who are not loyal to marriage, sooner or later they will pay a painful price for this. I have always believed in it.

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