A small amount of bleeding occurs after embryo transplantation. Are you afraid?

After the transplantation of "IVF", some patients will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding. Many sisters will be afraid and panic. They are afraid that the hard -won "baby" will have it. Is the bleeding after transplantation be afraid of?What kind of vaginal bleeding must be paid attention to?

Let’s understand together:

Most may be a small amount of bleeding caused by the cervical mucosa when disinfection and the peeping device during transplantation. This bleeding does not have any effect on the ending of the transplantation. Bleeding will stop naturally for a few days of rest, so relax and do not need to be nervous.

The embryo bed is the process of embryonic planting into the endometrium. At this time, the endometrium is very "fertile" with rich blood supply, and the capillaries are densely densely distributed.

If the position of the embryo bed is near the blood vessels, the capillaries will bleed by embryo. Because this bleeding stays in the uterine cavity for a long time, the blood flowing out is dark red.If a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs before pregnancy, do not stop medication, you can return to the central hospital for examination in advance.

If you have confirmed your pregnancy HCG, vaginal bleeding occurs in the process of waiting for the fetal heart, and it is probably divided into the following two situations:

① The vagina flows red blood, and the amount of bleeding is large, especially accompanied by severe abdominal pain, or continuous vaginal bleeding with abdominal pain, which must be paid attention to.Because pregnancy test is just telling you that you are pregnant, you cannot judge whether the embryo bed is in the palace or outside the palace. We must be alert to the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. You need to go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

② If you are just a sexual bleeding or mild abdominal pain, you don’t need to be too nervous, rest properly, and return to the hospital on time.

1. If only a small amount of brown or pink secretions flow out of the vagina, the bleeding time is short. This situation does not need to be too anxious, rest properly, relax;

2. If there is a history of embryonication before the occurrence of embryo, vaginal bleeding occurs, the B -ultrasound review needs to be more dense;

3. If the vaginal bleeding is large, the color is bright red or dark red, you need to go to the hospital to re -examination of the B -ultrasound to check whether there is an internal blood in the uterine cavity.If the embryo develops normally after the review, you can see the fetal heart without being too anxious.Of course, there are some cases of embryos, but most of them are caused by the embryo itself. Do not blame yourself.

Finally, no matter what kind of vaginal bleeding, you are advised to return to the center to help you for treatment. I wish you all a good pregnancy!

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