A prospective mother in Ningbo divorced as soon as she was pregnant.

"Can you go out for a trip?" -The things that make expectant mothers and family are worried.Thinking of a little guy in the Yuanmen belly will make people worry a lot, and the goodwill obstruction of the loved ones around you, you can’t always come a trip.

Dong Lun’s netizen recently encountered annoyance. After marriage, he had to have a baby, but he didn’t want to attract a biggest family crisis. He quarreled with her husband to divorce!

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For three years in love, two years of marriage, from campus to wedding dresses with her husband, deep feelings, no financial contradictions in mother -in -law. Although there are large and small quarrels in the middle, they are generally happy.After marriage, I asked my husband to ask for a child. I finally found that I was pregnant. I told my husband excitedly for the first time that he knew that the day was quarreling.the edge of.

Husband was not so surprised by his husband, but he was very nervous and serious (he told me before that he had two colleagues who had miscarriage without paying attention in the early stage, so he was easy to have a miscarriage as soon as he didn’t pay attention in the early stages of pregnancy).After the husband’s mobile phone checked the precautions for a long time in the early pregnancy that night, he resolutely did not agree that I attended the second day of social activities (long distances) as usual.

But I think this is just beginning to be pregnant, just be careful, there is no need to be so nervous. I don’t want to lose myself immediately because of pregnancy, but he just does not agree, and feels dangerous. Finally, the quarrel is about to be divorced.,What should I do?

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Netizens think that in the early stages of pregnancy, I still have to be extra careful

@12345: I think your husband is not wrong, and be careful to get thousands of years.You can join some Baoma communities. You will know how unstable the first three months are. We even have a saying that the first three months cannot be said.

@Henghui: The initial period is more dangerous.In the first three March, the latter March was a dangerous period, and there was a little bit of waves in the middle.

@ hui8284@ qq: My wife is pregnant, let her work also resigned, rest at home, I will give it every day for lunch.

@ @Qq: Basic common sense, you must be careful in the first three months

Netizens think they should consult a professional doctor

@ @ @7: I suggest your husband not to consult your mobile phone simply, you go to the relevant agencies to consult the professional knowledge of breeding

@: A little too careful.

@ Jhhj: Go to consult a doctor, just follow the doctor, just don’t get angry when you are pregnant

Whether pregnancy can go away is also a matter of tangling.When traveling during pregnancy, it is best to do enough homework and preparation in order to be at ease.

What are the need for travel during pregnancy?

1. Choose the best time to travel

The best time to travel during pregnancy is between the middle of pregnancy, that is, between 14-27 weeks of pregnancy?At this stage, the fetal condition is relatively stable, and expectant mothers have also adapted to pregnancy physiological changes, the best physical condition, and the risk of abortion or premature birth is the least.

2. Choose the right transportation

When pregnant women go out long distances, they must take a car, boat, airplane, etc. Therefore, they must choose appropriate transportation and pay attention to riding knowledge to avoid accidents.Generally speaking, it is not advisable to take a long and longer transportation.You can choose cars, airplanes, etc. priority.

3. Consultation professional doctors get guidance

It is best to contact the obstetrician, inform the itinerary and obtain the doctor’s guidance in combination with your own status, and prepare loose and comfortable clothes, pants and shoes and socks.Avoid overwork and always pay attention to the changes in the body.

The editor feels that the appropriate amount of exercise has certain benefits for pregnant women and the fetus itself.However, it is necessary to pay special attention to the itineraries such as out of the door, which not only guarantees the safety of yourself and the baby, and it will not cause unnecessary trouble.

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