A pregnant black cat was abandoned. After the neighbors were rescued in time, the cat sent two big surprises

Text/Wang Dano’s cat

There are some people who are curious and longing for cats. They are prepared for the cats to accompany them, but they are not ready to take care of the cat.

Therefore, once they took the cat home and found that the cat was not as easy as expected, all the subtle reasons could be an excuse for their abandoned cats.

"The cat loves hair too much!"

"Cat feces are too bad!"

"My mother said that cats are not auspicious!"

Not long ago, a healthy and beautiful black cat was abandoned by its owner.

Cats wandered alone on the street, carefully avoiding pedestrians.At the same time, it wants to seek human help.

Fortunately, a kind person named Gael discovered it in time.

Gal was the neighbor of the former owner of the cat. After bringing the cat to a safe place, he saw the cat’s bulging belly before he knew that the cat was pregnant.

This is a cat mother to be produced. She has a mild personality and good health, but I don’t know what the reason is abandoned by the owner.

Gall immediately contacted the local rescue agency "Chatons Orphins Montréal" for help. The rescue agency quickly helped the cat’s mother find a foster family.

Parents who foster care are named Madras.

She has rich experience in cat raising.During this time, cats can give birth to kittens here with peace of mind, get the best care, and officially start its new life.

A few days later, Madras gave birth to two beautiful kittens.

Maybe no one expected that the kittens completely inherited the gene of the cat father, and they were two cute little puppets.

Madras love its children very much, and it is always protecting these two beautiful kittens.

At the same time, it is also grateful to human beings, and it takes the initiative to seek caressing the parents of foster care.

When the two kittens were three months old, the cat’s mother Maderas began to spend more time and stay with parents.

It understands that the kind owner around him gives it full of care and love with its children.

Without good neighbors, professional rescue workers, and caring parents full of love, it may be unknown to life and death.

When you see this, someone will definitely say, "Early, pick up a black cat, and get two puppet cats."

Although the two kittens are very beautiful, the foster parents did not favor it.

Conversely, foster parents have deeply fell in love with this mild cat mother and are reluctant to separate from it.

She decided to bring a cat mother sterilize and let her a permanent member at home, so that she would live a comfortable and warm life in the future.

Waiting for life will always gain unexpected surprises.

Image source: FB/Chatons orPhelins Montréal

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