A husband and wife in Yunnan wrote "hundreds of times". The woman was pregnant and took a stomach to participate in the interview. Haven’t she ashore yet?

"The end of the universe is preparation", this sentence has become the voice of many people.After experiencing the turbulent employment environment, they know how important it is to have a stable job.I don’t want to live a lingering life anymore, which has become the wish of many young people.Kaogong and Kaojie are the choice of young people, and they are also their only way.

This way is too crowded, and every day someone starts to run on the starting line.But this marathon can easily see the end.In the eyes of parents, the work of preparation can be considered serious. Especially in some more traditional areas, children can only be interesting only when they enter the organs.

How long can I persist?After some people took the test, they found that their strength was too big, and they never planned to take the test.I honestly find a job to work without waste those time.There are also some people who are struggling to fight ashore.The actual situation must be far more than people’s imagination. The number of tests can reach "hundreds of times", which really shocks people.

Xiaosun is an ordinary staff member of a public institution in Yunnan. The place where he is, is a small county.Although the salary of public institutions is low, the face is very light.Yunnan advocates people to compile, and many locals in Yunnan will take the test after graduation.

When Xiao Sun passed his career, he was in his thirties.He started the test since he was young and has taken more than 60 exams.And on the way to prepare for the exam, I encountered the same half as the other half as myself.The two have been preparing for the exam, and they have reached hundreds of times.Such enthusiasm, like a devout believers, rare people have such a persistent spirit for work.

Xiao Sun once said that he was a veteran soldier, and after returning to his hometown, he had only one goal: admission to career establishment.Even if you ca n’t get in, you will always persist and never give up.Finally, the younger grandson was in the year and was admitted to the public institution of his hometown, but Xiaosun said that the next step will continue to move forward with civil servants as the goal.

The little grandson has been going ashore smoothly, but his wife has not passed the exam.The elderly candidates have a disadvantage. There is no advantage in age, and the examiner is more inclined to young fresh graduates.Xiao Sun’s wife is preparing to take the local "special post teacher". Compared with other positions, the success rate of this position is greater.

Xiao Sun’s wife was pregnant and took a big belly to participate in the interview.In this regard, the two were also worried that the examiner saw that his wife was pregnant, and I was afraid that it would affect the score of the interview.When they saw their deeds, netizens didn’t understand it very much. Why do they have to test it?There are so many work in society, and it is not just a way out.

This depends on their city. Yunnan Province is far away. Compared with other provinces and cities, there is no advantage in economic development.There are relatively few job opportunities, and it is difficult to find the right job.Entering the preparation can be regarded as a reassinual pill for yourself.

In fact, the younger grandson represents a part of Yunnan Province, and they suffer from their development direction.So you can only keep the exam with your scalp, which is helpless.We all know that Yunnan is a beautiful province, but local young people have gone to work in other cities, and what stays rely on the tourism industry to barely maintain life.

Yunnan, the couple in Yunnan very clear about their career development. They combined their own situation and analyzed the development trend of their hometown.In their opinion, there are almost no other choices except the test.But this is just their choice. You must not think this way is suitable for you.

Everyone’s situation is not the same. Students in first -tier cities are actually more willing to enter the society after graduation.Because they feel that they can play their own value in society.The preparation of the test is indeed stable, but the cost is also high, and students need to consider it carefully.

First of all, students must participate in the study of the institution. Now the training courses of civil servants will be as many as 100,000 or less than tens of thousands of tuition.Although some are agreement classes, the cost cost is also included.After testing, almost two years have passed, and I have been two years old.

At this time, whether it is continuing to compile or go to the society to find a job, the advantage has gradually decreased.I have not accumulated experience in other industries, and it is a lot of losses for myself.Therefore, students should objectively analyze whether they have the advantages of the examination, and then make up their minds to apply for the exam.

In the end, every job is part of his own life. In addition to work, there are many things worthy of caring in life.So don’t be too obsessed with work, just do your best.Still choose a career that makes you happy, and do a good job in the division.

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