A good recipe, solved the blocked fallopian tube, successful pregnancy

When I come to the reproductive clinic, I will find the patients who are infertile. If you meet these three conditions, I will let them check the tubes:

① Less 35 years old, no contraceptive measures, one year of pregnancy and above, there is no pregnancy

② 35-40 years old, no contraceptive measures, have not been pregnant for half a year of pregnancy

③ At the age of 40 and above, there are no contraceptive measures, and there are no pregnancy for 3 months of pregnancy.

The blocked fallopian tube can cause ectopic or infertility, so you must pay attention to whether your fallopian tubes are healthy.If the following conditions occur, you must consider the fallopian tube problem:

◆ I have been prepared for a year but I have not conceived my baby;

◆ Ectopic pregnancy has not conceived the baby after a long period of time;

◆ Have a miscarriage experience or an abortion;

◆ There are gynecological inflammation;

◆ I often feel abdominal discomfort, soreness, swelling, and falling on the back of the waist and back, and pain on one or both sides of the abdomen;

◆ There is a phenomenon of leucorrhea, and leucorrhea is usually yellow, foam or transparent;

◆ There is pain in the same room;

◆ Irregular menstrual period, with frequent or excessive menstrual volume.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it may be because of some gynecological diseases that cause fallopian tubes, sperm and eggs cannot be combined, so they cannot be pregnant.

The ancient traditional Chinese medicine books have no special discussion on tubal infertility. According to the clinical symptoms, the disease belongs to the categories such as "Wuzi", "Bringing", "Control", and "Symptoms".

The pathogenesis is that kidney deficiency and blood stasis, cold and dampness, qi stagnation blood stasis, phlegm stasis interoperability, righteous and evil invasion, etc.

Best stasis is the standard, and cold is the book.Therefore, the treatment focuses on nourishing kidney and solid element, warming cold and dampness, relieving liver and qi, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and dispersing knots.

The innate foundation and the root of vitality are in the kidney.

The disease of this disease is where the liver meridian is performed. The fallopian tube infertility is closely related to the blood stasis of qi and blood stasis.

Therefore, the treatment of fallopian tube infertility should be "Wen Tong" as Dafa, and throughout the treatment process, it penetrates liver relieving qi, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and scattered knot.

And pay attention to the relationship between phlegm and wet blood stasis, take into account the reconciliation of qi and blood, and the more than the degree of qi and blood is supplemented by insectic drugs to play the role of Tongluo’s blood circulation, and it will be able to rush to the qi and blood of the cells and take pregnancy.

The secret recipe of Mr. Xu Run San Lao, a master of Chinese medicine and a famous gynecological expert:

Fallopian tube blocking infertility prescription

Oral recipes: Bupleurum, , 口, red peony, raw licorice, salvia, Sanqi Fan (Division), pangolin, Ophiopogon, soap thorns, roads.

Hot compress prescription: Passing bone grass, Chuanwu, Weilingxian, cinnamon, frankincense, no medicine, Angelica, red flowers, Sands, red peony.

Everament: Danshen, red peony, triangular, Curdia, 枳, saponin thorns, angelica, angelica, frankincense, no medicine, transparent grass.


Washing tubal obstruction is one of the main causes of infertility. According to its clinical manifestations, according to the principle of dialectical treatment, it is quite appropriate to use the four inverse scatters of the liver and blood circulation and removing blood stasis.At the same time, according to the angiography, the fallopian tube adhesion and the congestion belong to congestion. It is also equipped with Salviac and Sanqi to promote the dissipation of congestion and promote adhesion to solve the normal physiological function of the fallopian tube.

This prescription also equipped with pipelines such as pangolin, soap thorns, and roads, so that it translates the area where the fallopian tube inflammation is adhesive and blocked.achievement.

Ms. Zhang, who has encountered such a patient, has been married for 5 years. After marriage, her husband and wife live together without contraception but not pregnant.

Often irregular menstruation, often overdue, the menstrual cycle is 30 to 38 days, 4-5 days of menstruation, the menstrual flow is small, the color is dim, the blood clot, the menstrual period is accompanied by cold painReduce, chills, cold limbs.

It has been diagnosed with many hospitals, and the tubal tubal pseudo -liquid test indicates that the left fallopian tube is not unprecedented.

Traditional Chinese medicine dialectical theory: Liver blood deficiency, cold qi stagnation, treating warm meridians and dispersing cold, rational qi and nourishing blood

After using this party to increase and subtract for more than March, Ms. Zhang’s menstruation returned to normal, and after a while, Ms. Zhang specially came to report to thank you. After inspection, he found that he was pregnant!

Finally, what I want to tell you is that when our uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes have been cured for a long time or recurred, on the one hand, it shows that the physical fitness is poor and the immunity is not strong; on the other handKnot.

The cause of the cause is not overnight, so treatment also requires calmness and patience, and there is almost no good way to finish it.

Traditional Chinese medicine has sufficient advantages to treat gynecological diseases, determine goals, establish confidence, and insist on treatment.

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