A capital scum!Three people gave birth to a child, 1 person was pregnant!"Rich Second Generation" deceived 19 women with 19 women

Luxury cars, watches, a "famous brand" …

At first glance, it seems to be a wealthy image

But who knows,

These are a liar

The head of the leasing for fraud

Some are even fakes

Recently, Zhengdong Branch of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau cracked more than ten fraud cases specifically targeted at young single women, but the criminal suspects of the case were a person mentioned above!

Stunning is:

It is known that 19 women have been deceived,

The deceived amount is as high as millions,

Many people have given birth to him.

See you, it’s him


More than a dozen women were deceived by the "missing population"

In recent times, Zhengdong Branch has received some single women’s reports, claiming that they have been fraudulently engaged in love and marriage.

After receiving the report, Zhengdong Branch attached great importance to and immediately organized the case investigation brigade to conduct investigations.

With the deepening of investigations, investigators found that these women were deceived by the same man, and the routines of the fraud were exactly the same.

Some even have children who are pregnant after being deceived. There are more than a dozen women who have been deceived, and they are all over the jurisdiction of Zhengzhou.

it’s him

But it is strange that many victims have claimed that the man’s identity is wrong, and he is sure that he has seen the suspect’s ID card.

What is even more incredible is that the man even registered as early as two years ago and disappeared.

In order to find out the facts of the case, the investigators immediately divided the troops and began to verify the true identity of the man.

Decend your parents, take self -direction and leave your home to run away and disappear

On March 22, 2019, the investigators finally determined the true identity of the criminal suspect Tan and the place where the suspect Tan was hidden for the time being, and successfully arrested it.

After the case, Tan confessed to his fictional identity and the criminal facts of many women’s fraud.

Criminal suspects purchased fake luxury goods online to pack themselves

After investigation, the suspect Tan was often mixed in various entertainment venues, and at first the sale of drinks made a living.

Around 2017, Tan could not maintain a normal livelihood after unemployment, and then sprouted the evil thoughts of fraudulent crime with Liu.

With the increasing number of scams, in order to avoid legal sanctions, Tan even crooked ideas on his parents.

By deceiving his parents, he directed and performed a farce of leaving home, trying to use his parents’ mouths to form the illusion of disappearing.

Even during the "missing" period, it did not stop at all, and continued to commit crimes with others.

Demystify the so -called "love" scam

Pretend to be Gao Fushuai

The victim Wang reported that in June 2017, the people near WeChat met Liu,

Liu claims to be a graduate graduate, family business, with a company, beauty salon …

Hush Han as warm and moving people’s hearts

On the next day, if the next day, Liu will remind her to add more clothes;

Once I was sick, Liu stayed up late at the hospital to take care of her;

Liu even took her to a beauty salon and workers who were renovating and laughed, saying that this was his industry …

Liu’s care and superior conditions made the relationship between the two get a step further.

Trust the trust

In the relationship between the two, Liu has repeatedly paid the employees, and Zhou turned to borrow money from Wang.

From hundreds to thousands, Liu always borrowed back, which also won the trust of Wang.

A child with a victim holding a suspect

Victim Xiao Wang

The child was giving birth to a "love"!

When the date was to be agreed, Liu suddenly proposed that his parents were senior officials, and he had to have a "gift" for the first time.

Wang Mou’s persuasion of Liu Mou, handed over the tens of thousands of yuan from his credit card to Liu Mou as a purchase ceremony.

But the money lost as soon as the money was given.

In January 2018, Wang accidentally found that he was pregnant,

With his repeated urging, Liu did not mention the marriage.

At this time, the victim Wang purchased the car as a mobility in installments. Liu did say that the safety factor of the car was low.

Who knew that Wang gave Wang and gave the vehicle to another woman surnamed Chen to prepare for the continued fraud.

As the day of production approaches, Liu has no plans to marry him at all.

Until September 2018, after Wang had a child, Liu was completely out of contact, and his wealth was empty.

At this time, she discovered that Liu had deceived many women in the same way.

Victim Xiao Yang

More than 150,000 yuan

Coincidentally, the victim Yang reported that after being deceived by Liu, the property he provided was as high as more than 150,000 yuan.

About New Year’s Day in 2018, it met Liu Mou, who claimed to be studying in a college through the Internet chat software.

During the communication, the other party claimed to be a high -ranking child.

After gaining their compassion and favor, the two gradually established a "love" relationship.

In March 2018, when discussing the engagement, Liu deceived Yang’s 167 grams of gold jewelry with a counterfeit 5 carat diamond ring.

Subsequently, Liu had repeatedly fabricated business and needed to turn around and fight for the relationship.

After the suspect deceived a woman’s Beijing car, he converted it to the Mercedes -Benz SUV and continued to use it to cheat

In August 2018, Liu claimed that he intended to buy a new car to send a new car to Yang in order to improve his life, but he needed a weekly turn to do business at the time. He hoped that Yang would provide some cash.

Seeing that Yang was a little uneasy, Liu also said that he intends to use his Mercedes -Benz car to use Yang and give Yang’s two auspicious mobile phone numbers.Yang bought a new car.

But when Yang was moved by this true feelings,

I accidentally went to the 4S shop but found that the so -called Mercedes -Benz was indeed a complete fake car. It was modified by Liu by Liu.

And the owner is not Liu himself at all, but another deceived woman.

At the same time, those so -called auspicious mobile phone numbers were also rented by Liu, and the rent has not been paid yet.

It wasn’t until this time that Yang was completely awakened, but Liu had already believed at all.

"At present, it is known that the victims have reached 19, and two of them have not reported the case."

Introduction of Gao Wei, Instructor of Case Investigation Brigade

Liar like this

The suspect Tan Mou takes the identity of Liu

Buy counterfeit high -end watches, gold and silver jewelry, brand -name clothing

Fiction that he is a younger child or "rich second generation"

Find the "crime goal" through social software

Decend multiple single women to provide property for them

special reminder

The police handling the case remind everyone that

Single young women must establish the right marriage and consumption concepts in daily life,

Be wary of these people who are deceived as "false identities" and "fake names".

If you are unfortunately encountered, please call the alarm in time.

In case of similar cases, please contact the police handling police in time.

Zheng Baorong Media · Zhengzhou Evening News reporter Zhang Yudong intern Xu Zichu Correspondent Zhang Bin Dan/Wen reporter Zhou Ying/Picture

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