A 38 -year -old man and a woman flashed for 10 days and married 20 days.

"Love is like a tornado", how fast is it?A 38 -year -old man met with a woman for 10 days and got married together for 20 days.It should be the beginning of happiness.Who knows that after the woman gave birth to a child, she secretly helped the child to modify the child, and bluntly said that the child had no father.

What are the festivals in both men and women, which causes such a deterioration?

The 38 -year -old Wang Qing’s family worked at a duck neck shop in Huizhou, with a monthly income of about 5,000.According to the level of urban and rural wages, it can be considered in the past.However, nearly 40 years old is single, which is the most headache and urgent need to solve the problem.

By chance, Wang Qing met Liu Yun, who was 35 -year -old.At first, the two didn’t feel each other, and they went home after eating.

I thought that the two had no intersection. Who knew that Wang Qing’s father came to find Liu Yun, and said something: "Wang Qing is a progressive young man, with a monthly income of more than 15,000, no smoking, no drinking.The pupils flickered, and they nodded secretly and secretly: the salary was so high, the character was so good, and the good days were about to end.

Sure enough, Liu Yun found Wang Qing and expressed his thoughts, and Wang Qing agreed quickly that he had a high age of his parents.The attitude of the two made Wang Qing’s father particularly happy, so the two of them were engaged in Zhang Luo all night and went to Wang Qing to work together in Huizhou.

Unexpectedly, he lived together for 20 days, and Liu Yun even found that he was pregnant. This could make Wang Qing, who was old, and was happy. He finally removed the title of leftover male, and instantly entered the ranks of prospective father.However, what happened next made Wang Qinglai almost barely, regret.

For 10 months, it is happy and painful for a woman.In order not to delay Wang Qing’s work, Liu Yun returned to his hometown alone to give birth alone.At that time, Liu Yun felt that no matter how tired, it was worth it, because a happy life was about to begin.

Unexpectedly, when Liu Yun was about to produce, he dialed Wang Qing, hoping that he would rush back as soon as possible to give her strength.However, the first sentence of the phone: "I can’t adjust the class" and perfunctory the matter.Liu Yun was so angry that he was angry and scolded: "If you don’t return, send the money over to the hospitalization fee!"

"Wait for you to go to the operating table, I will transfer it to you!" Wang Qing said coldly.

Liu Yun was discouraged. She turned off the phone and wiped her tears and decided to carry it all.

After the laparotomy had a daughter, Liu Yunqiao was looking forward to his father -in -law and mother -in -law who came to visit, but he had no trace for 10 days, and even Wang Qing said that the hospitalization fee was delayed to pay.

The indifference of the Wang family made Liu Yun think about it, and the seed of her hope in her heart was also cut off by reality.

After returning home from the hospital, her mother -in -law saw Liu Yun’s daughter, glanced at, turned and sighed and left, and her husband was still not returning with various excuses.In a furious, Liu Yun packed things the next day and hugged the child back to her mother’s house.

Soon, Liu Yun, who had accumulated for a long time, decided to do a big thing.She secretly concealed her husband’s name to Liu, and told others that the child had no father.

Soon, when Wang Qing returned, he accidentally found that the child was changed, and he was so angry that he was so angry: "Whether men and women, you must have my surname!" Liu Yun sneered: "When I need you, where are you? Whether it is a boy or a girl,I love the child I gave birth to myself! "After speaking, Wang Qing opened the door.

Soon, under the strong demand of Liu Yun, the two sides left married and had their own lives, but everything was a person who was not a person”Emotional Review Award”

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