A 31 -year -old man and a 42 -year -old woman were married. Only 3 days after marriage, his wife found 40 days of pregnancy.

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The beginning and end of marriage should face frankly. With a clear attitude, it is the best respect for the other party.

If the last marriage was not handled, the next marriage began and swayed in the marriage, then the result was destined to be harm.

Liu Yulan was 42 years old. She had a failed marriage. After the divorce, she met Li Siping, 31, and the two had a flash of marriage in a few days. After she married Li Siping, they did not intend to have children, but they had no intention to have children, but they had no intention to have children, but they had no intention to have children, but they had no intention to have children, but they had no intention of child, but they had no intention to have children, but they had no intention of children, but they had no intention of child.Only three days later, Liu Yulan found that she was pregnant, and this sudden child disrupted their lives.

Liu Yulan told the mediators that because of this child, Li Siping punched her and kicked her, making her lose confidence in marriage. Now she just wants to gather together and hold this idea, she found Li Siping.

But the two quarreled as soon as they met. Liu Yulan accused Li Siping of doing it. Li Siping explained that Liu Yulan had previously abused his mother, and he was angry.

Liu Yulan said that she had apologized to his mother, but Li Siping did not accept her saying.

Li Siping told the mediator that Liu Yulan was 11 years older than him, but because he had a failed marriage before, he was similar to Liu Yulan. He thought they could understand each other, so even if the family opposed it, he had to be with her with her.He feels that age is not important, as long as he is willing to live well.

After a few days they met, they became married, but only 3 days after they got married, she said she was pregnant, so he took her to the hospital for examination. As a result, she had been pregnant for 40 days, which was obviously her ex -husband’s child.

In the face of his own child, he must not be responsible, but because Liu Yulan said that she did not know that she was pregnant before she got married, he forgive her this time. As long as she was willing to kill the child, they could continuelive on.

But he was willing to forgive her, but she refused to kill her children, and ran to her ex -husband’s house for 4 days. After returning, the two quarreled, and she ran to her ex -husband’s house. This made him unable to forgiveIntersection

Moreover, her ex -husband made a phone call with her mobile phone and told him that Liu Yulan wrote a guarantee, indicating that he would never come and go with him in the future, which made him even more unacceptable.

Even though Liu Yulan said that this guarantee was forced by her ex -husband, he was unwilling to believe it. He thought Liu Yulan was swaying between him and her ex -husband.If you want to get rid of this marriage and return to the arms of his ex -husband, he even thinks that Liu Yulan and him are a conspiracy. It is her and her ex -husband who wants to seek his family property.

For these accusations of Li Siping, Liu Yulan did not answer positively and turned away.

Liu Yulan said that although she was wrong, Li Siping’s attitude was too ruthless. He forgive her once, why can’t she forgive her again?

She hoped that there was a knot, so she found her mother -in -law and apologized sincerely with her mother -in -law. She said that her mother -in -law was busy for their marriage, but she fell to such a result. She still hoped that her mother -in -law could harmonizeLi Siping communicated and made it as soon as possible.

The mother -in -law accepted her apology, and the old man hoped that they would not divorce. She opened her son’s phone call, but Li Siping is now extremely disappointed with Liu Yulan and is unwilling to continue negotiation with Liu Yulan.

As a result, Liu Yulan seemed to have expected that she had to leave her things, and even if her mother -in -law and neighbors persuaded her to stay, she insisted on leaving.

For the child in the stomach, Liu Yulan decided to go to the ex -husband Sun Aimin for negotiation.

Sun Aimin said that he was willing to bear all the responsibility for this child who was not born, but he needed Liu Yulan a clear answer.

Sun Aimin said that when Liu Yulan found him after pregnancy, he accepted her. At that time, he did not know that she had married Li Siping. It was only after listening to someone else, so he was angry, so Liu Yulan wrote it down.Guarantee, do not deal with other men in the future.

But he did not expect that Liu Yulan ran back to find Li Siping again, so he called Li Siping after angry.

Regarding Li Siping said that he and Liu Yulan joined forces to seize the property, he said it was impossible. There was a 5 -story demolition house in his family. His economic conditions were superior.thing.

He now only wants Liu Yulan to give him a clear reply, is he going to be with him or Li Siping?

However, in the face of the ex -husband’s problem, Liu Yulan was still silent. In the end, Liu Yulan decided to kill the child and move away from the ex -husband’s home. She and Li Siping’s marriage could not continue.Go to him to negotiate.

Liu Yulan, she has always placed herself in a victim, but all of them had been caused by her. She chose to marry Li Siping shortly after divorcing her ex -husband, and she had only a few days to know Li Siping.There is no cleanliness yet, and the next marriage does not know the partner at all. How can such a marriage not have a problem?

After something wrong, she was swaying again. Her ex -husband and Li Siping were most angry because she did not have a clear attitude. She has been walking between two men.

The feelings between men and women are actually the most ambiguous, and they should be frank when they treat feelings and marriage. This is the most basic respect.

And marriage needs to be treated with caution. Flash marriage seems to be a cool decision. In fact, it is irresponsible to both parties. Choose a partner at least to have a certain understanding of the other party. After all, marriage is a lifetime.The marriage certificate cannot guarantee the long -term marriage.

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