99 things you do n’t know about your first pregnancy, the prospective mother collects!

Nutrition supplement during pregnancy

1. Folic acid: Start eating after preparing for pregnancy. If you eat in March, you can also eat it.

2. Calcium tablets: start eating 4-5 months after pregnancy (eat at night)

3.Dha: Start eating 4-5 months after pregnancy (1 hour after meal)

4. Iron agent: start eating at 5 months of pregnancy (preferred food supplement)

5. Pregnant women’s milk powder/milk: you can drink throughout pregnancy

During pregnancy and diet

6. Walnut: Start to eat at 16 weeks, 3-4 daily

7. Eggs: 1-2 per day, supplement high-quality protein

8. Milk: 1-2 bottles per day after pregnancy (drink at night)

9. Beef: Eat 2 times a week (long fetus does not have meat)

10. Shrimp: Eat once a week (long fetus does not have meat)

11. Fish: 1-2 times a week

12. Vegetable: 300-500g per day

13. Seaweed vegetables: at least once a week

14. Animal blood, liver: 1-2 times a week in the middle and late pregnancy, iron supplementation

15. Bone soup: drink less during pregnancy, high fat content

16. Coconut juice: replenish water and purify amniotic fluid

17. Fruits that are easy to be B: Unexpected persimmons, lychee

18. Do not eat: cooked meat, seafood

19. What are the snacks: yogurt, red dates, nuts, seaweed, etc.

20. Lean meat: 40-75g per day in early pregnancy, 75-100g in the middle and late pregnancy

21. High blood sugar: coarse grains instead of white rice, eat less and eat more meals

22. Control sugar: Eat less watermelon, lychee, grapes and other sweet fruits

Precautions ⚠️

23. Avoid cycling in early pregnancy

24. Try to avoid the same room as much as possible in the early pregnancy and third trimester, which may increase the risk of abortion

25. Avoid hard action and take things at a high place in the first 3 months

26. Avoid soaking in hot springs, bathing water temperature: 37-41 degrees

27. Do not stir -fry the pregnancy period, you will add pregnancy.

28. Don’t take urine, you have to go to the row if you have urine

29. Avoid drinking and coffee

30. Avoid active smoking, avoid passive second -hand smoke

31. Do not resist hard to get sick, seek medical treatment in time

32. Eat less fruits with high sugar content

33. Control weight, the best fetus is about 6 catties

34. It is recommended not to contact camphor pills, it is toxic

35. Avoid staying up late to look at the phone, otherwise your eyes and skin can not stand

36. Pets at home have to vaccinate and repeat time

37. Go to high decibels in the middle and late pregnancy, such as KTV and theater

38. Avoid eating overnight dishes will affect resistance

39. Avoid sitting for a long time. After sitting for a long time, stand up and walk around

40. Avoid quarrels: Pregnant mothers are excited and uncomfortable, causing the baby to be hypoxic

41. Avoid densely low oxygen in the third trimester, such as shopping malls, subways, buses, and basement are relatively low oxygen.

42. Avoid housework: get off the kitchen, wash dishes, mop the floor, etc., high, stepping on high, moving heavy objects

43. Avoid suddenly getting up: you will dizziness, try to swing your limbs gently, let the brain slowly adapt to the surrounding environment

You may have a change

44. Dissatious: I can be drowsiness in the early stages of pregnancy, my body is lacking, take a good rest

45. Pregnancy vomiting: drink sulfur water, lemon juice, ginger slices to relieve

46. Anti -acid: Avoid eating greasy food and chocolate

47. Increased secretions: Putting breathable and dry underwear, usually change to wash hard

48. Frequent urination: There are more times from the night, drink less water before going to bed at night

49. Edema: Eat less high -salt food, sleeping on your foot pad can alleviate

50. Foot edema: buy a pair of flat shoes, how can you come comfortably

51. Leg cramps: calcium supplement, drink some milk, yogurt, and eat some nuts

52.B Secret: Eat 3 Xi Mei or Dragon Fruit every day, it is very useful!

53. Itchy stomach: Don’t catch it, apply pregnancy oil when you are too dry

54. Pseudo -contractions: The belly is tight, you need to sit down and rest immediately

55. pubic pain: Sit out soon, do not mention heavy objects, sit back with your back with your back pillow

56. Insomnia during pregnancy: drink a glass of milk before going to bed/listen to books

57. Breast pain: The underwear material should be soft+suitable, or ice application/hot compress

58. Face long pregnancy spots: do not need to pay special attention during pregnancy, it usually subsides by itself after giving birth

Daily pregnancy

59. Weight: Normal body type Pregnant mothers increased by about 20 pounds during pregnancy

60. Fetal movement: the earliest 16 weeks, the latest 24 weeks

61. Pregnant women: 6-8 months of pregnancy is the best time

62. Month/Confinement Center: Generally booked 4-6 months in advance

63. To give birth: you can do strategies slowly from the beginning of pregnancy

64. Parenting knowledge: Learning to be pregnant in advance, parenting knowledge "Nutrition of Preparation", "Encyclopedia of Parenting Encyclopedia of the American Pediatric Society", etc.

Pregnancy test during pregnancy

65. 1-5 weeks of pregnancy: blood drawing, urine test, determine whether you are pregnant

66. 6-8 weeks of pregnancy: progesterone, B-ultrasound, check for ectopic pregnancy pregnancy

67. 12 weeks of pregnancy: NT examination (the first small row), archives

68. 16-20 weeks of pregnancy: Tang sieve/non-invasive, exclude the Tang syndrome

69. 22-24 weeks of pregnancy: three/four-dimensional B ultrasound, large row of terties

70. 24-28 weeks of pregnancy: sugar sieve, gestational diabetes screening

71. 28 weeks of pregnancy: hepatitis B antigen review to rule out hepatitis B

72. 30 weeks of pregnancy: examination of child epilepsy, check the hypertension of pregnancy

73. 32 weeks of pregnancy: fetal heart monitoring, check the fetal abnormalities

74. 34 weeks of pregnancy: Estimated weight, estimated fetal weight

75. 36 weeks of pregnancy: Type B linkage examination to prevent premature birth and infection

76. 37 weeks of pregnancy: fetal position examination, judge production method

77. 38 weeks of pregnancy: fetal heart monitoring, confirm the production method

78. 39 weeks of pregnancy: fetal heart monitoring, confirm the condition of mother and child

79. 40 weeks of pregnancy: fetal heart monitoring, confirm the condition of mother and child

Significant signs

80. Decrease fetal movement: The fetus slowly reduces the head into the pelvis and causes the fetal movement to decrease

81. Increased appetite: The oppression of the uterus to the stomach disappears and the appetite increases

82. Water breaks: amniotic fluid flowing out and pain gradually strengthened

83. Increased secretions: Most of the increased secretions are white and thin secretions

84. Law contraction: regular uterine shrinkage frequency is 5 ~ 6min/time


86. Abdominal falling waist acid: abdominal soreness/thigh and swelling and cramps are difficult

87. frequent urination: The decrease in the fetus will compress the bladder and rectum, and still feel urine after urination

Production article

88. Seeing red: If it is just a faint bloodshot, there is not much quantity to observe at home.If the bleeding amount is large and the red red needs to be seek medical treatment immediately

89. contractions: Before giving birth, a threatened sign of childbirth with pain and regular contraction mobile phone.Regular contractions are every 5 or 6 minutes, and each time is more than 30s, you have to go to the hospital

90. Breaking water: Do not walk to take a flat position position 120, you can control the urination, and the amniotic fluid can’t control

91. Shipping: Use the fetal heart monitoring belt to detect the frequency of the palace, and the palace opening is 2-3 refers to enter the waiting room

92. Caesarean section: Entering the hospital one day in advance, first do B -ultrasound, blood test, skin test and 12 hours before surgery

93. Internal inspection: There must be many internal inspections before entering the delivery room.

94. Painlessness: Painless is the savior of the mother. The palace mouth is 2-3 fingers to play. Before playing, remember to finish urination.

95. Kai Gongkou: If the palace mouth is slow, let her husband go with the corridor to accelerate the opening of the palace mouth

96. Preparation: You can prepare hair removal cream by yourself

97. Placing bed: Gongkou 8 fingers can go to the bed. During childbirth, they can cooperate with the dysmenorrhea, and the screen gas is hard. Don’t yell and yell.

98. Childbirth: Do not work hard, use the strongest time when the contractions are the strongest, and charge when there is no contraction. After the baby’s head comes out, it will be much easier

99. Side cuts and tear: After the placenta comes out, the midwife will sew the side cut or tear of the yin at the yin, and the natal medicine will be taken when the needle is sewed.

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