9 causes of oral odor, 7 treatment methods

Taste disorder is a disease that can change people’s taste perception. If taste disorders and fatigue occur, this may indicate that they are fighting another potential health problem.

The following is the 9 reasons for the taste of the oral cavity

1. Some infections

Feeling tired and small taste on the tongue may indicate the infection.

Infection of the upper respiratory tract, sinus, or ears can cause inflammation of the taste bud, which will cause the metal flavor temporarily in the mouth.

2. New Crown Virus Infection

The loss of taste and smell may be the side effects of new coronary virus infection, but some people also report that metal flavor will appear after infection with COVID-19.

Although taste disorders are not the main symptoms of COVID-19, this disease may cause metal flavor, and it will last for several weeks or months after recovery from other symptoms.

3. Allergy and pollen disease

From runny nose to sneezing, to itching and tears in the eyes, there are no shortage of symptoms of annoying allergies and pollen.Now, you can add an annoying metal flavor to a series of discomfort.

Allergy or pollen also causes inflammation of the tongue and oral cavity, which can change the taste buds and cause metal flavor.

It is the same inflammation response (when the body is trying to offset symptoms) makes people feel tired.

4. Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Lack of certain vitamins and minerals can cause taste changes, and the result may be metal -flavored mouth.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to symptoms such as swelling and inflammation (this can affect taste buds) and fatigue.

Similarly, according to the National Institute of Health, zinc deficiency can cause abnormal taste and spiritual drowsiness.

On the other hand, some vitamins and supplements also contain metals such as [chromium], copper or zinc, which may taste the taste of these metals, especially if they are too much.

5. Some drugs

If you feel tired and have a pungent taste in your mouth, the medicine may be the cause.

Some drugs -including antibiotics, blood pressure drugs, and certain chemotherapy drugs -can cause metal flavor.

In addition, some drugs for treating mental illness, including lithium and antidepressants, will also affect the taste.

In fact, it may taste the smell of metal in drugs containing metal elements such as copper or lithium.This is because once the body absorbs the drug, the silver taste will appear in the saliva.

6. Diabetes

When treating diabetes, taste changes or adverse tastes (such as metal flavor) may also appear.

One of the causes of this situation may be goose ulcer (a type of oral fungus infection), which is common among patients with diabetes.The reason is as follows: The fungus breeds a large number of high glucose levels in saliva in the uncontrolled diabetes patients, which can cause tongue inflammation and inflammation can change the taste buds.

In addition to goose sores and metal mouths, diabetes may also cause dry mouth, increasing the risk of gum disease and inhibiting oral healing.

If you encounter these symptoms, tell your doctors and dentists immediately because this may indicate that diabetes has not been well controlled.

7. Pregnancy

Pregnancy will produce some strange side effects, including taste disorders.This taste change may be the result of pregnancy hormones, which will also affect the energy level.

Fortunately, the copper smell in the mouth is only temporary, because the taste disorders often fade back after the first three months.(The same is true of fatigue.)

8. kidney problem

Kidney disease can also cause metal flavor by changing metabolism.In addition to changes in taste buds, chronic kidney disease may also have the following symptoms:

Frequent urine

Tired and weak

Loss of appetite

Hand, feet, and ankle swelling


Hematuria or bubble urine


Dry, itchy and/or black

It is difficult to focus on attention and sleep


Nausea or vomiting

Muscle spasm


If there are several symptoms, please seek medical treatment immediately, because kidney disease can cause severe health complications.

9. Some types of cancer and cancer treatment

According to the American Cancer Association, although fatigue is a common side effect of cancer treatment, it can also change the sense of smell and taste.

More importantly, some types of cancer itself, such as head and neck tumors, can also cause silver taste.

According to the American Cancer Association, in addition to feeling metal in the mouth, other changes may also be noted, such as weakened olfactory (or enhanced), unable to taste food or food is too salty or too sweet.

How to control the metal flavor in the mouth

Similarly, if the metal flavor on the tongue lasts more than a week, please see a doctor.Once the potential disease is treated, the metal smell in the mouth will fade.

The following is a way to reduce metal flavor:

Maintain good oral hygiene.Keep your oral health by brushing your teeth, using dental floss and tongue.

Drink more water.Desertication can cause temporary taste disorders.

Use bamboo or ceramics and other non -metallic tableware.

Rinse with baking soda and warm water.This can regulate the acid -base balance of the oral cavity and help neutralize acid.

Quit smoking.Cigarettes may increase the taste of metal.

Chew a piece of gum.This can temporarily inhibit the metal flavor.

Eat foods that can cover metal taste.Citrus fruits, sour food and sweetener (appropriate amount) help reduce copper flavor.

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