8 months pregnant, the personal experience after the new Guanyang …

I believe that after most people have let go of the epidemic, they are even more frightened, even more nervous, and even more heart!Everyone is saying that it is okay to get the sun sooner or later, but no one wants to the sun or no one wants to the sun in the heart!

After all, most people have not been infected, which means how uncomfortable most people do not have their body infection!

Although we all want to achieve all immunity as soon as possible, when the symptoms of infection fall on ourselves, it can be said that the body is just a body!Because the spirit of the whole person was destroyed in an instant.

Now that I have thought about these three years, if it is not the control of the country’s power, the consequences may be devastating. Here I really praise the motherland!Intersection

My wife is pregnant with a second child, 8 months pregnant, and the nucleic acid testing is negative on December 13. On December 14, we went to the women and children to do a regular examination!Picking blood, color Doppler ultrasound, staying in the hospital for 2 hours before and after the hospital, the throat at night was slightly painful, and felt bad, and his heart trembled!

On the morning of December 15th, it was basically paralyzed, which was in line with all the symptoms of infection on the Internet. It had a fever of 38 degrees, headache, dizziness, full of pain, and could not get up to bed. This pain was not the pain of a cold, it was really unbearable pain!Normal people can take hot and darkened slices and ibuprofen to relieve pain, but everyone knows that pregnant women are cautious!

At this moment, I was anxious to contact the hospital immediately. The hospital informed that I went to do nucleic acid tests first.It is positive, no drug can be treated, and home physical cooling observation.

The hospital seemed to give the response result, but there was no result!Because I can’t get the door as a nucleic acid now, and I am afraid that I will be infected in the process … Finally, the trustee finds a relationship to get the antigen kit and the result of two bars!

In addition to massage rubbing and rubbing the dispersal attention, physical cooling, the rest is hardening … At that time, we agreed that as long as the temperature does not exceed 38.5, we will not take medicine!

On this day, the torment of my heart and body was unable to say. Until 6 pm, my wife was so weak: Give me a piece of heat and polygay, really can’t hold it!At that moment, I could see that a mother gritted her teeth and persisted in the strength and greatness of the day. At that moment, we were tortured and succumbed … At that moment, we all burst into tears … This is more than ten times more than the weeping on the Internet …Of course, everyone may have different symptoms, but I believe most of them will not be too light!We followed the doctor to drink a lot of heat and polypology (the doctor said that for pregnant women, the instruction manual can be used as appropriate as appropriate, and the disable is not used)!Perhaps God is graceful, and the pain symptoms will be reduced directly after 20 minutes!The temperature also dropped to 37 degrees 3.Repeat physical cooling, drinking warm ginger water, observation, and no recurrence at night, but basically it is difficult to sleep all night.

Here we should share ordinary positive patients. If you have symptoms, you can take heat and darkest pains directly to reduce the pain tube. If we are not pregnant, we will not grit our teeth for a day and then take the medicine for a day.

Early on December 16th, the symptoms were alleviated compared to the 15th, but the pain in the throat was significantly worsened. The body pain was mainly on the Internet in the living room in the living room in the third grade of both shoulders, waist, back, thighs.37 degrees from 37 degrees 8.I was busy in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen again. I bleed ginger and salt water, rock sugar red dates, and looked at my mother. At this time, I didn’t feel tired. I only had a little power and had no appetite. The anxiety and fear were greater than fatigue.

On December 17th, after two days of surviving, the symptoms were reduced, but only one pain in the body was enough to make you unable to fall asleep all night. Today’s pain is the shoulders on both sides.After drinking that piece of heat and polypology, I have been stiff!Women’s pregnancy is not easy, and infection with new crown positive, wife, you really suffer!If I can, I really want me to be infected, let me bear this pain for you!What I want to say to the male compatriots here is that I ask myself not to be good for my wife, do you still have the heart?

Today, December 18th is also the fourth day of infection. It is basically the same as yesterday’s symptoms. The throat is even more serious.We don’t know that we can recover for a few days … I feel that my wife is fighting against the virus every day. I don’t know which day will defeat the virus completely … I hope it will be tomorrow, I hope my wife will get better as soon as possible!

From our personal experience, if you are in the third trimester, personal suggestions, some conventional examinations can still be extended, it can be exempted, it is not necessary to go to the hospital for the time being!Because now I go to the hospital for pregnant women infection!Ordinary people infection can relieve symptoms of taking medicine, but once pregnant women are infected with a new crown, except for hardship, it seems that it is really helpless!Mowing

We do n’t know if there are antibodies after infection. We do n’t know how long it will not be infected again. We do n’t know if there are sequelae. We do n’t know if there is any effect on the fetus, because there is no scientific basis now, and we are based on … but we are based on … but we are based on … but we are based on … but we are based on …It’s not important now.

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